Teaching Experience

    37 Years

Field Experience

    25 Years

Cheryl Carter is a busy homeschooling mother, author, speaker and a college professor with a passion to help others write well. She teaches English and Creative Writing classes and has written broadly on spiritual growth, parenting, home-schooling, and special education. She is the author of several books including Organize Your Life, Chasing God and the Kids Too, Essential Writing Skills for the College Bound Student, Inspire the Writer in Your Child and Organize Your AD/HD Child. In addition to writing fiction and poetry in her spare time, she blogs regularly on issues of clarity in written communication and the family. She has a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and has done graduate study in Special Education. She has a Certificate in College Admission from Columbia University. She has also written literary guides and won academic awards for her writing. Her books have been translated into Hebrew, German, Czech and Polish are selling well internationally. Cheryl Carter’s curriculum and writing classes focus on equipping students with the vital skills for lifetime communication success. Her curriculum and classes are marked by a sense of depth yet simplicity that nurture a love of writing in students. Collegiate Learning employs an educated number of authors whom contribute to our books, courses and materials. All our authors/ teachers are college educated with solid teaching experience.

I accepted Jesus Christ as my Personal Savior when I was just nine years old. I rededicated my life to Christ when I was a fifteen years old while in a bible study group. At the time of my teenage conversion, I took an active role in my growing up as a believer. While I have made more mistakes than I care to remember or recount, I have always endeavored to walk consistently with Christ. Yes, I have stumbled but God has always been gracious to forgive me and I have learned from my mistakes. Being a Christian is not a mere title for me, it is a reflection of my life style. I endeavor to daily live a lifestyle of prayer that is beyond my quiet time. While I have a daily bible reading regiment, I am not focused on how much I read but on meditating and applying the scriptures to my life. Presently, I am on the prayer team at church and regularly pray for the needs of others beyond just my local church. Yearly, I make it a goal to read through the bible.

Reading, researching, writing, running, baking- especially all kinds of cookies.

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