Teaching Experience

      25 Years

    Field Experience

      25 Years

    Greetings from North Carolina! I am a homeschool mom of two and a teacher of many. I have a bachelor’s degree with a major in Accounting and minor in Child Development with over twenty years of teaching experience. I have taught from age three to adult in a variety of subjects. I have taught in the classroom and at educational conferences. I taught in a preschool for ten years and then taught a broad range of subjects for the last twelve years. For the past four years, I have been teaching online where I have taught ESL, AP Art History, High School Economics, History (all grade levels), Geography (all grade levels), High School Public Speaking, and High School US Government. I am passionate that education should instill a love of learning first and foremost and this includes the online classroom.

    I grew up in a Christian home where we attended church and I participated in youth group. I never remember a time of not knowing and believing in Jesus, but it was in my 20s when I learned about a personal relationship. This was when I truly fell in love with Jesus and was baptized. One of most impactful experiences in my faith journey has been mission trips to Jamaica, Ethiopia and Belize.

    I love swimming, reading, digital scrapbooking and traveling. I have visited all one hundred counties in my state, 50 states and many countries. I am always looking for the next adventure.

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