Teaching Experience

    3 Years

Field Experience

    12 Years

I am a fun loving, creative, fur-covered, homeschooling mom looking to help your young person improve and master subject matters or learn new skills. I have worked in quite a diverse range of jobs throughout my career, culminating with a great variety of skills to teach young people of all ages. I have owned businesses, worked in retail, been a social worker and a therapist. I also specialized in teaching life skills to teenage parents and young adults in foster care to help them prepare for life on their own.

In July of 2015 my husband’s and my lives took quite a turn as we became foster parents to two wonderful children. We had to learn to navigate school with them and learned how far behind they were. Extreme frustration was not the word for it – we were beyond belief at how they were passed along without someone noticing that they were missing crucial pieces. We ultimately decided to pull them out of public schools and homeschool them, so that they could catch up. We choose to go the hybrid route to do this, and taught at the academy to help with tuition. I also have had to become the math guru around here to help our son catch up since he was so far behind in math. He and I together have conquered 4 years of math in 13 months. He is now barely shy of being on grade level, it is a work in progress, but a labor of love. We love the opportunities they have had through homeschool and they are thriving. I would love to help your young person do this, too!

Homeschool has not only been a blessing for my children, but also for me as I have discovered a love and a passion that I didn’t know I had, I LOVE to teach!! I teach US History, World History, Biology for high school along with middle grades math. Due to my cornucopia of experience there are many different classes that I teach. I love teaching life skills such as job interviewing skills, resume writing, budgeting, home management and even parenting skills for teen parents. My passion is history and I mean – all things history. I have been a life long student of history, especially as I have traced my genealogy across time. I am fascinated by people and their journeys. Why they do the things they do, their migrations, the struggles they overcome and how they revel in triumph. This is why I have a Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy, with a focus in Human Services. I am currently working to get my certification as a secondary Social Sciences teacher.

I love teaching with hands on approaches and learning through experiencing things in our world. Books are wonderful tools, but sometimes it takes a little more to make the connection. This is where I love to get creative! I often pull in different multimedia resources and out of class activities where applicable to help students grasp the concepts that we are learning about in class. I look forward to helping your student fall in love with learning!

The Journey of faith is one that, I personally believe, is never ending. It is a constant pursuit of intimacy with our Creator. This began for me as far back as I can remember – Sunday school, Vacation Bible School, listening to “Adventures in Oddyssy” riding in the car with my mom. Christianity was always before me. I grew up in a very liturgical denomination with designated rules and methods for interacting with God. This definitely presented me with the presence or fact of a Creator, Savior, Divine being; but I always wanted more. I craved communion, not just bread and juice. I craved connection – more than singing songs from our hymnal. I craved REAL, DEEP, INTIMACY with the Jesus that I read about. I experienced this for the first time during a youth conference in the middle of a hurricane, when I was 13. I experienced for the first time worship and interaction with the Creator like I had never experienced before. I knew I would never be the same. That night, March 7, 1998, I told God I was tired of trying to figure out what I wanted my life to be like, so I wanted Him to take over. I gave my life to Jesus that night and it fortunately changed the trajectory of my teen years. Joy flooded in, peace enveloped me and I actually enjoyed life for a change. I began to radically pursue this Savior who had become more real to me than the ogre I thought lived in the alter at church, waiting for me to mess up so he could slap me in the back of the head.

Because of the fact that I met Jesus at the opening of my teen years and had great mentors to teach me to passionately pursue a relationship with him, I craved communion with my Savior instead of knowing what the latest craze was or who was dating whom. I chased obedience and holiness instead of being popular and all of the latest fashion trends and pop culture fads. God held me in the secret place through all of this. I began ministering in the local county jail when I was 18, and I remember praying once, “God, why would they ever listen to me, I have never done drugs or killed anyone, I have never even stolen something. How can I tell them about how you can deliver them, if I have never had to be delivered from this stuff.” It was then that I really understood the heart of our Father…. His Spirit whispered to me, “your testimony is not that I delivered you from it, but that I kept you from experiencing that destruction.”

That stuck with me, our Father doesn’t ever want us to experience hurt or pain, grief or sorrow. It happens because we live in a fallen world, but it truly hurts His heart. He wants to protect us like a new parent wants to protect their precious baby. I have seen this time and time again in the work I have done as a therapist, a life coach and now as a foster to adopt momma.

Daily I have to journey to seek my Savior above all else. Daily I have to die to my flesh, just as Paul talked about. It is a daily journey.

I love college football!! (Truth be told, it is why I married my hubby!!) I enjoy being crafty, love to learn anything science or history and spending time with my crazy family.

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