Teaching Experience

    7 Years

Field Experience

    10 Years

My name is Becky Zerr, and I am a 31-year-old former-secondary education English and Journalism teacher, and current homeschool mom to two beautiful girls. I taught in the public education sector for six years before feeling the call to bring my girls home and educate them outside of the rat race, opting instead for a slower, more family-centered lifestyle. Though I do homeschool my girls, I miss educating at a higher level, as well. That is what brings me here–an opportunity to teach junior high and high school students in an online setting that will still allow me to be at home with my children. I truly love teaching, and I know it is what God has called me to do.

I was raised in the United Methodist Church, and still attend to this day. While I was in high school, I had a terrible car accident and was in truly horrendous condition. In the ambulance ride to the hospital, when I could hear the EMTs terrified that they were losing my pulse, I felt a warm hand take mine…on the side next to the ambulance wall. I opened my bruised eyes as much as I could, and there was no one there to be seen. And yet, I could feel someone warmly holding my hand. It was a small moment that had a major impact on my life and my faith, and whenever life gets hard, I remember His hand holding mine in my darkest hour, and I know His love will protect me.
My husband is also a man of faith, and is a practicing Catholic. We had an inter-faith marriage performed by my Methodist minister and his Catholic priest. It was a beautiful ceremony, with Christian love pouring in from both sides. Our oldest daughter was baptized Methodist, and our youngest was baptized Catholic, with the intention of raising them with all-around Christian love and allowing them to decide which path (Methodist, Catholic, or another Christian denomination) they will choose to attend. We reinforce the idea that “they will know we are Christians by our love,” and we firmly believe that can happen in any Christian denomination.
My faith is a deeply private and personal thing to me, but it feels so encouraging to find a place like this that embraces it.

Above all, I enjoy playing with my children, whether that is making crafts with them, playing the piano with them, reading to them, gardening with them, taking care of our chickens together, playing with the cat and dog together, playing board games, or going on bike rides in the country with the kids in the seats on the back. Once the kids are asleep, you can often find me watching a documentary on TV while knitting, crocheting, or sewing. I will soon be starting as a member of the children’s ministry at my church, as well, something I am very excited to begin.

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