Teaching Experience

      9 Years

    Field Experience

      7 Years

    Hello! My name is Rose Elliott and I am looking forward to meeting you. I was born in Portland, OR and have moved many times throughout my life. My husband, Reid, and I currently live in Bremerton, WA with our two cats (Reginald and Honey). We attend a non-denominational, Reformed-ish church near our home in Bremerton. We are both heavily involved in our church. I serve in the children’s ministry and assist the director of hospitality while my husband serves in the technology ministry. We both love hospitality and enjoy opening our home to friends and family. I have a bachelor’s in biblical counseling (with a minor in NT Greek) and a master’s in theological studies (with an emphasis in biblical languages). I have always had a passion for teaching, learning, and reading. During the course of my academic career, I took classes on history, philosophy, psychology, education, and even a computer science class. I have taught in a variety of settings including one-on-one online and both small and larger groups. I enjoy teaching students of all ages from young toddlers to high school seniors. What I didn’t learn while getting my undergraduate and graduate degrees, I have picked up through experience or my own desire to learn. My philosophy behind teaching is that everyone is capable of learning if given the opportunity. I plan my lessons for maximum student engagement. I want my students to love learning and discovering new things. I am their guide, their encouragement, and the person for them to fall back on when they get stuck. I hope each of my students can leave each class excited to engage God’s Word and the world around them.

    I was raised in a Christian home and came to know Jesus as my Savior when I was 11 years old. Ever since I was a teenager, I have been fascinated with theology. I have always been curious about differing views within Christianity. I have a special love for the Old Testament that was instilled in me through an Old Testament class I took my freshman year of college. I originally pursued my bachelor’s degree with the intent of becoming a certified biblical counselor, but God had other plans. He ignited my love for teaching even further and led me to seminary where I received a master’s in theological studies. Since receiving my master’s in 2017, I have been working towards a life of teaching the Bible and writing about theology. All of this has come about through God’s magnificent grace and mercy towards me. I have struggled off and on throughout my Christian life with doubts, worries, and fears. But God has used these trials to make my faith stronger and to draw me closer to himself. He used my doubts to open my eyes to the Doctrines of Grace, and numerous other circumstances to help me understand and learn what it means to be reformed. Life in Christ has not always been easy and it has not always made sense. But it is always the best thing in my life. My salvation from Jesus and hope of his return are my anchor in both good times and bad.

    Outside of being a theology nerd, reading and writing have been my main hobbies since I was very young. I love books of all kinds, but always love a good fantasy or theology read. I also enjoy cooking, hiking, and playing video games with my husband.

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