Teaching Experience

      1 Year

    Field Experience

      17 Years

    Peace and Good,
    My name is Stephen Augustine and I have been a missionary and motivational speaker for the last 14 years. I formally taught scripture to 10th graders for one year at a private high school. I have lived in various locations across the country working with educational institutions and programs to enrich the lives of young people, and encourage them in their faith. I love to read great books, learn about Western Civilization as well as advances in science, and I am currently pursuing a second masters degree in clinical mental health counseling. I love Our Lord and can see his providential hand on everything.

    I grew up in a secular Christian home, blessed with 2 parents and a younger sister. God was always important to me, but none of us had a very deep relationship with Christ. I attended a Christian School from K-12, but unfortunately the faith was just another subject to me. It wasn’t until after college and 4 years of wayward living that I met a minister who was filled with the Holy Spirit and invited me to join him at an evening of prayer and worship. I reluctantly attended and felt awkward, but I came back the next week… and the next week… etc. Through this ministers example and fire, I experienced the fire of the Holy Spirit for myself and welcomed Jesus as the Lord of my life as never before. The faith I thought I knew came to life for me as never before, and I thank Heaven every day for such grace. Since then I have been serving the Lord as a Church minister in varying capacities.

    I love to read, paint and exercise. These hobbies have served me well during this time of quarantine and shut-down. I have become very interested in the development of society and human psychology, so I have been enjoying many podcasts on these subjects. I also love to keep up with friends through regular phone calls.

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