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      5 Years

    Field Experience

      5 Years

    Ashley Stickel de Barria has been studying the Spanish language and its diverse cultures for 14 years. She graduated from The Ohio State University with her bachelor’s degree in Spanish: Latin American Literatures and Cultures with a minor in Sociology in 2014. She has taught both English as a foreign language and Spanish. She taught English at an English language institute as a language-teaching intern while studying abroad in Chile in 2014. Teaching English is what sparked her interest in teaching language while she was still in university. She later studied to receive her certification to Teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). During university, Ashley was also given the opportunity to teach Spanish to homeschooled students and has since begun teaching homeschooled students online. As a former homeschooled student herself, Ashley is familiar with the challenges of homeschooling from the student’s perspective. She is excited to be offering her Spanish classes independently online where she will be able to share her love of the Spanish language and the many cultures associated with it with her students.
    Ashley Stickel de Barria currently lives in Concón, Valparaiso, Chile with her Chilean husband where she teaches Spanish online and ESL with local students one-on-one.


    “My 9th grade daughter took Ashley Stickel’s Spanish 1 class. Ashley was a great teacher. She communicated very well with her students and the parents. She was available for extra help when necessary. She would send me email’s if my daughter did not turn something in or seemed to be having trouble. She would provide extra resources to help her. She was very kind to her students and provided a great class for them. My daughter enjoyed Ashley’s class. We plan for her to take Ashley’s Spanish 2 class in the Fall.” ~ Nicole H.

    BIO Video

    Ashley grew up in a Southern Baptist Christian home and made the decision to follow Christ at a very young age. Over the years, she has grown and matured in her faith, learning to trust God and His sovereignty through the good and the bad. God has blessed her with many godly influences over the years and each individual has challenged her to deepen her faith in the One who holds her in His hands. One thing has remained constant through the years, and that is Christ’s love for her. She has always found God’s faithfulness and unconditional love to carry her through and encourage her to keep striving to be more like Christ.

    God’s love is constant through life’s daily struggles. She is encouraged by God’s Word and challenged to draw nearer to Him every day. Through her experience, Ashley knows that God is faithful and that He can do more than we could ever ask or imagine! Ashley thoroughly enjoys taking advantage of mission opportunities to share Christ’s love for us in a practical way. Most recently she and her husband have joined a church plant in the city where they live and are excited to see how God works in the local church to bring the city to Christ. God is doing some exciting things!

    Some of the hobbies that Ashley enjoys are reading books, studying war history both national and international as well as spending time out of doors exploring nature and riding her horses. Ashley enjoys traveling both nationally and internationally to learn more about history, geography and cultures that are different from her own. She enjoys studying foreign languages and, of course, speaking Spanish!

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