Teaching Experience

      2 Years

    Field Experience

      3 Years

    I am a follower of Christ and have my Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education with a minor in Social Studies. Mission work abroad is a passion of mine and I have worked with a Christian school in Uganda where I helped put a seminar on for the teachers there. I have a passion to develop kids in a way where they see their potential and have a desire to foster their passions and strengths.

    I became a follower of Christ in eighth grade when I realized how Christ died on the cross for my sins. From there on, I have fostered my relationship with Christ. The up’s and down’s have been a journey and I have used the tough times as a way to grow in my faith and trust in God and use them to persevere in order to mature in my faith. I was baptized in the beginning of college and have went on multiple mission trips, been a youth group leader and served in many other ways in the church. The Lord is so good and I do not want to leave this earth thinking that I could’ve done more for the Lord.

    I love spending time with people and meeting new people. My family and close friends are very special to me and bring me so much joy. I love going on walks, exercising, taking on challenges, evangelizing, traveling, trying new foods and cooking/baking. I love learning about other cultures, their food, getting to know the people who life there and explore.

    Currently, there are no courses.