Teaching Experience

      10 Years

    Field Experience

      10 Years

    Hello! My name is Angie West. I am a minister’s wife and a mother of two teenagers. I grew up and lived near Memphis, Tennessee until my husband was called to pastor in Arkansas and we have been there ever since. I had been privileged to be able to teach in Christian schools for ten years and I have been heavily involved with ministries involving youth over the past several years. I am an accomplished elementary and middle school teacher with exceptional classroom management skills and a passion for helping pupils of all abilities achieve their potential. I have been employed at a few schools in Arkansas and Mississippi during my 10+years teaching career. I have experience in various subjects throughout the elementary and high school campus. I also worked in the office fielding phone calls and office duties as well as interaction with parents. I currently am an ESL online teacher teaching English with VIPKid. I am passionate about teaching from a Christian perspective. Due to the rural area that we are now in, there are no Christian schools for me to teach in. That’s when I started looking other online teaching platforms for Christian teachers. That’s when I found Luma Learn and I am very excited about this new adventure!

    On March 2, 1998, I came to realization that I was not truly saved. After hearing a powerful, convicting sermon from a dear preacher whom we loved very much, Bro. R.C. Perkins, who is now with the Lord in Heaven, I became under heavy conviction. I had made the “profession of faith” many times, thinking it was the prayer or “saying the right words” that saved me, or I would pray the prayer because I had done something wrong and I felt unsaved, yet it was never completely settled, and I never truly had a relationship with Christ. It was never real to me. I had searched and searched and asked for the Holy Spirit’s guidance and was totally convinced that I was still lost. Once I got it completely settled within my heart, soul, and mind, I can say that I know without a shadow of doubt that I am BORN AGAIN. That is when I allowed for the Holy Spirit to completely take over and work in my life. I am not perfect, nor will I ever be here on earth, but my goal in this life is to help others as much as I can.

    I had a dream and an ambition, and even a challenge from my past students, to write my testimony out to help other young people in their times of brokenness. I fought Satan so hard during this time and almost put it down several times but I didn’t give up so I am now a self-publisher of two books. After the books were self-published, I had so many young people and even adults tell me how much of a help and a blessing it was. I am currently working on my third book. I have recently started designing handmade resin jewelry with quotes from my books as well as other inspirational quotes. I’ve worked in jewelry stores in the past, I have always LOVED jewelry. So I’m excited to be doing all of the things that I love to do.

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