Teaching Experience

      27 Years

    Field Experience

      27 Years

    I am a recently retired public school teacher with more than 27 years of experience in grades 1-6. I was raised the daughter of a Baptist Preacher and I continue to lean heavily on my faith. Throughout my adult life I have been active in my church as pianist, choir member, Vacation Bible School teacher, and Sunday School teacher. My husband and I currently looking for a new church home. We attended the Church of God for many years but feel called to return to the Baptist church.

    I was raised in a Christian home as the daughter of a Baptist Preacher. Our lives centered around the church and activities there. I was saved and born again at the age of 9 but feel that it was when I was much older that I truly understood what it meant to live for Christ. At present, I feel like I am still continuing to grow in my faith.

    I enjoy singing and playing the piano. I am also actively working to learn a second language since my retirement.

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