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      15 Years

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      15 Years

    My name is Angela Rangel and I live in Memphis, TN. My husband and I have been married for 25 years, and we have 5 children. My educational background is in elementary education and my master’s degree is in teaching English as a foreign language. I have lots of interests and am fluent in English/Spanish and have a proficiency level of knowledge in Portuguese and French. My husband and I had the opportunity to travel with his company before we had children and while living abroad in Mexico, Brazil and England, I taught at the American schools and language schools. We have homeschooled 3 of our children for most of their schooling years. Two have graduated and 2 are in high school for 2020-21. My son is 8 and he attends a small school nearby.

    Our family owns 4 horses which we board on a property nearby. All of our children ride horses and have learned so many excellent life skills through our experiences with these animals. Through the years, we have had parakeets, a rabbit, hamsters, guinea pigs, fish, lizards, dogs, and we’ve recently added 2 rather large turtles and their aquarium habitat to our home. We have fostered almost 30 dogs and puppies and currently have 2 staying with us now. Our home is always bustling with activity, and learning is always happening.

    I enjoy working with the younger elementary age children, and that is where I have most of my classroom experience. I have taught middle school and high school Spanish as well as worked in 2 bilingual preschools both in Brazil and here in the US. I am thankful for the many opportunities I have had to see the world and learn new things. I find things I’m interested in and take the initiative to learn what I can and teach my children along the way.

    I grew up attending a small Baptist church and was baptized when I was 9 years old because all of my friends were getting baptized. While I was in college, I had a friend ask me in the cafeteria while we were eating lunch if i were to die today, did I know I would spend eternity with Jesus. We were talking about Jesus in the cafeteria. I told her I wasn’t sure so she said let’s make sure. Only July 1, 1990 I completely gave my life to Jesus and asked him to be Lord of my life. There was a change in my life and a desire to want to read my Bible and learn as much as I could and share that knowledge with others. My sweet friend discipled me for 3 years, and I attended 2 summer training programs where I learned to share my faith with others. I also learned to disciple others and teach them to share their faith.

    My husband and I have been active in a local church during the 25 years we have been married including during our time in Brazil, England and Mexico. It has truly been a blessing to experience worshipping the Lord in different languages and in different countries. We are currently attending a church near our home, and I am involved in a women’s Bible Study. I love to learn and we are studying through the book of Revelation.

    I recently lost my mom to leukemia. At her memorial service, I heard over and over again how my mom made people feel loved. I hope I will be remembered not for the things I did or the things I said, but rather for the way I loved. What an honor to know that my mom made others feel loved. I hope that will be said of me.

    I love my family and enjoy spending time together playing board games, watching movies and playing with our foster dogs. I love to meet people from other cultures. I am bilingual in Spanish/English and at one time spoke French pretty well too. I learned Portuguese while we lived in Brazil, and I love to meet Brazilians here in the US. I love to share my love for their country and their food and their people. The fact that I can speak Portuguese opens doors that allow me to love on them quickly because I can understand them. The same is true for people that I meet who speak Spanish. My husband’s first language is Spanish and our children are growing up learning both Spanish and English in our home.

    I enjoy traveling. I have not had the opportunity to do it very much in several years because I stay home with our children, I would love to visit Israel and maybe even Australia some day.

    Our family enjoys equine sports. My children like to go fast and thus barrel racing is one of their favorite past times. I do not barrel race, but I show up and cheer my girls on. I also enjoy watching my children play sports. I have a daughter who plays high school volleyball and everyone else has played or is playing soccer and basketball. I played volleyball and basketball in high school, and i played volleyball in college.

    Our family has a heart for children from difficult backgrounds and we have both fostered and adopted children into our family. The compassion my children have for animals i believe stems from their understanding as children how life can be hard sometimes. The animals also provide a type of therapy for our children. We have currently fostered almost 30 dogs with 21 of them being puppies from birth to 8 weeks old. It has been a wonderful experience all around for everyone.

    I also enjoy reading historical fiction. This is interesting because my husband likes watching and reading historical documentaries. We laugh because we both like history. I just prefer it be told in a story-like fashion and he just wants the facts.

    I look forward to sharing my life experiences and trainings with children on Luma Learn and hope to hear from you soon.

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