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Teaching Experience

    17 Years

Field Experience

    12 Years


Since she was a little girl, Sra. Carmona dreamed about becoming a teacher, and God has granted her that dream in ways she had never imagined: a tutor, a language guide, and a classroom teacher; teaching children of all ages and adults; in person and virtually; a volunteer for Christian schools and at church; and last, but not least and most rewarding of all, a homeschooling mom of four wonderful children.

Both Ana and her husband Miguel are native Spaniards who graduated with a degree in English Philology (Licenciatura en Filología Inglesa) from Universidad de La Laguna and obtained their National Teaching Certification (Certificado de Aptitud Pedagógica) from Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Ana’s husband is a public school teacher. And, in case anyone’s wondering, he’s a Spanish high school teacher!

Ana started to go to church as a little girl with some of her siblings. Since the beginning, she was drawn by the goodness and the kindness of Jesus, but she thought she needed something special she didn’t have to come to Him; a Christian family, more money and social standing, or influential friends. Until the Lord showed her that His grace is abundant and sufficient, and she was privileged to surrender her life to God at 11 years old.

Since then, she has enjoyed the greatest relationship any human can have; the friendship, the loving kindness, the protection of her Creator. She has been blessed with her five favorite people in this world: her husband and four children.

Ana is an avid reader and listener, a life-long learner, and a coffee connoisseur. She always dreamed of becoming a polyglot, and she’s managed to be able to communicate in several languages.

Ana and her family strategically live in the South Carolina Midlands, where the beauties of God’s creation —beaches, and mountains, and rivers, and forests, and tranquil tent camping spots— await to be discovered and enjoyed.

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