Teaching Experience

      9 Years

    Field Experience

      9 Years

    I am a native English speaker who is fluent in Spanish. I studied Spanish and Psychology for my undergraduate, and Spanish Education for my master’s degree program. I taught Spanish for 2.5 years in the university, bilingual elementary for 2 years, and the remainder of my teaching experience, I taught primarily students with English as a second language. I have had a constant experience using the Spanish language, and when I haven’t had access to conversational Spanish, I have maintained the language through reading.

    We adopted our children, and when we received them into our home, I stayed with them instead of working outside the home. Now I teach them in our home. We use an eclectic approach, and you can be assured I will be teaching them Spanish.

    I have 4 children in heaven, 3 died before being born, and 1 died in a tragic accident. I have seen all aspects of this life, and am so grateful that the Lord has been with me through it all, even though I may not have realized he is there.

    After searching this world up and down, and falling flat on my face, I have come to understand that I cannot make it in this world alone. I got married in 2005, and while my husband is the joy of my life, and he helps me in so many ways, he still cannot completely help me spiritually. Yes, he does help me on the spiritual journey, God gave him to me for that reason! But inevitably, I am alone when it comes to my spiritual being, my soul.

    Only God can do this for me. Only my Lord and my Savior, the Trinitarian God, can and will help me, but I must want his help. I can receive help through His Holy Spirit, who fills me with sanctifying grace (the Sole Sanctifier). The more I long for this heavenly bliss, the more I am prompted with sanctifying grace to have fraternal charity to all of the beloved souls that surround me, and the more I am filled with his grace. It is an infinite cycle that will culminate in passing to the next world. I must choose now how I want to live my eternal life: in bliss or without it.

    We can find new life if we are searching for it; there is more to offer than what this world will give us. It all revolves around love. And it’s not the worldly idea of love, it is a love of God for who He is: the Creator, Redeemer and Sanctifier. It is in turn a fraternal love for all of the beautiful souls on this earth.

    May the talent God has given me bless you, your family and friends. May it bring you closer to a deeper relationship with the one true God. May God’s perpetual light shine upon you!

    Sanctify your soul and your soles!

    In Christ’s love,

    Amy 🙂

    I have a soap, lotion, body care crafting business/Etsy store. This business is only one way in which I express my love for God. For the soap: I completely incorporate water together with sodium hydroxide to form lye. I then mix this with God’s oils he has placed on this earth for mankind’s use. This soap makes me remind myself that I am cleansing my “self”, and each time I go closer to my sweet Jesus, I gain new life in the Lord. I let go of my old self, and put on my new self. I constantly strive to let go of my faults and seek to live a better more loving life with God’s help.

    I also am an avid reader, and I love to dance, sing and listen to good music. I also try with all of my might to use Spanish, and am currently researching my ancestry roots from Mexico and Spain.

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