Teaching Experience

      4 Years

    Field Experience

      4 Years

    I am a recent graduate from UNC Chapel Hill with a passion for Jesus and the arts! I didn’t always know I wanted to be a teacher, but after my time at college, I realized I wanted to be the teacher I never had- someone who was kind, understanding, and promoted creativity.

    Growing up in North Carolina, I’ve always been exposed to God’s love. I had a lot of questions about religion and God, the most came when Uncle Mark passed away. After his passing, I was obsessed with knowing ALL the answers. I read religious books, watched testimonials, bought several Bibles, everything. Eventually, I realized that I may never have all the answers, but I could have Jesus’s love and understanding. My faith in the Lord has helped me through many tough times since then.

    I am a passionate bookworm. My shelves are full of books I’ve read and plan to read. Similarly, I love to write! Creative writing is good for the mind and heart. I also enjoy interior design, and learning Japanese. I also believe it’s never too late or early to sing. When the virus is not present, I also love going to church with my husband.

    Currently, there are no courses.