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The Joy of the LORD

Christmas Joy? As the Christmas season rolls around, we are surrounded by banquets, presents, and fellowship. But in the midst of the business of the season,  we constantly hear someone reminding us to, “Remember what Christmas is all about.  It is a season of joy.”  Then we sing along to the Christmas carol Joy to the World.  However, when we try to stay in the “Christmas spirit”, it seems that it is more about happiness than about joy of the Lord.  Believe it or not, there is a big difference. Joy Versus Happiness Now I am well persuaded that some might be a little confused about the difference between joy and happiness.  Let me try to explain.  When you receive that gift you had been wanting for a while, you are happy. It is an excitement based on circumstances. Joy is waking up every morning and choosing to be thankful for what God has blessed you with.  Happiness is a feeling; joy is an attitude.   Happiness lifts our spirits in the moment; joy lifts our spirits constantly.  If I could sum it up best, though, happiness comes automatically when the circumstance comes; joy is a choice we have to […]

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