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Benefits of Live Online Homeschool Courses with Luma Learn

Student taking a live online homeschool course

Many educational supervisors outside the mainstream of American schooling value the enormous benefits of self-paced educational opportunities. This is particularly true with homeschooling parents. That the ability to set the schedule for your child’s classes offers advantages is undeniable. However, many educators and students from all forms of schooling also insist that there is something valuable about live online homeschool courses. Benefits of Live Online Homeschool Courses 1. Don’t Be Late for Live Online Courses     The first benefit of live online homeschool courses is one with which homeschool families tend to struggle: timeliness. It is equal parts frustrating and funny, but so many homeschoolers simply aren’t used to living life to someone else’s schedule. Live online homeschool courses, however, do have a schedule that your student must adhere to, and can thereby give them practice at living in a world that is obsessively dedicated to an external schedule – and an often hectic one at that.  When the parents are leading a class, it is not a problem if something comes up and work gets delayed until tomorrow. When you are paying someone else to teach your child, however, and you will lose teaching time per dollar if […]

Luma Learn Online Summer Courses Help Children Excel


Luma Learn online summer courses help children excel in their educational journey. Whether your child is ahead or behind in a subject, the option of online summer courses can help. Online courses provide flexibility for children who need them or for those who want them. Distance education has allowed students the opportunity to take self-paced or short-term courses to improve learning and retention. Students who take classes when they need it vice when they are told to take it have increased their possibility of success. Studies show that the absence of practice or other reinforcement, result in skills deteriorating over time at a fast rate. There is a transition period that sets children back once they take a long break from school. If a child is behind in a particular subject, the time needed to transition can be even longer. Therefore, online summer courses are the best way for students to maintain their learning curve throughout the summer. Children can still have time off in the summer, they only continue to keep their mind fresh and needing less of a transition when full-time schooling comes around. The average school student in the United States goes to school for nine months […]

3 Benefits to Online English Courses

Online english courses make high school easy for homeschool students

Online English courses are an outstanding option to improve written English language skills. In fact, learning English online offers three distinct advantages over more mainstream educational opportunities.  First, online English classes give you an opportunity to narrow your focus on a specific area of study. The study of a language encompasses a pretty broad spectrum of subjects, and it can be difficult to determine, let alone locate, the sort of English learning you need. Are you looking for grammar, literature, or composition? Are you looking to learn essay writing, research writing, or commercial writing? Are you looking for education on spoken English, or will you need to learn how to diagram a sentence? Sometimes, “English” courses in a more mainstream educational setting try to cover so much, that they don’t really teach you anything. Here’s where online English courses, like those offered on Luma Learn, can help you.  Luma Learn online English courses are very specific. There is one class for public speaking specifically and a separate class for high school literature and composition – and one for research writing and one on writing for publication! Sometimes general education courses can be a little lacking in focus to enable your […]

3 Benefits of Online Language Courses to Improve Fluency

3 Benefits of Online Language Courses to Improve Fluency luma learn blog

One of the biggest benefits of learning in today’s age is the wealth of language courses offered online. In the past, language courses were a struggle outside the conventional classroom. Unfortunately, accessibility has always been a big hurdle to overcome. Where do you find a fluent speaker who’s willing to teach a language, anyway? Now, Luma Learn offers a wide array of options for online language courses. Learning a language is now easier than ever with help from the best teachers. Incorporating multimedia instruction with language immersion, online language courses offer a complete package for learning. Online learning is fun, too. Whether you want to study your first language or learn a new one, Luma Learn has many affordable options suited to any home. If you’re new to online learning, there’s no need to worry. Our unique course options are diverse, allowing your student to pursue their own interests and get the help that is in tune with their individual learning style. Did you know you can even learn American Sign Language online with Luma Learn? This is one of the many options offered. Also, find foreign language for everyday use and Spanish the whole family can learn together. The sky is the limit! You can […]

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