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Ultimate Fun Back To Homeschool Ideas

Kids headed back to school with their teacher

For most kids, the words fun and school do NOT go together. That is understandable. No matter what happens during the school year, thinking about school after summer may bring back memories of tests, studying, frustration, boredom, and more unpleasantry. We can help our children put some fun memories into their schooling, with these ultimate fun back to homeschool ideas. Every year homeschool parents start anew to make back to school memorable – and motivating for kids. Even if your family does year-round homeschooling, making special events to celebrate another year is worth every effort. These ultimate fun back to homeschool ideas will give you an excellent start to making back to your homeschool fun. Over the years you can develop some ideas of your own – don’t forget to share them with others or us! Some homeschool families make the mistake of letting back to homeschool fall into a humdrum and monotonous routine. Back to homeschool fun isn’t only for the public school kids. We can make this time of year fun and engaging – even more so. Making back to homeschool important is the key to catapulting the year into a whirlwind that you are all enthused about. […]

The Pros and Cons of a Very Involved Homeschool Dads

Dad and son reading a book at home

It appears that for many years, the mom has been considered the primary teacher of the homeschool family. Many homeschool families are very traditional, meaning that Dad is at work while Mom stays at home to take care of the kids. Even though this general family structure continues to prevail among many homeschool families, that does not mean that dads are not involved in the process. Many homeschool dads are very involved in homeschooling their children. Is this a good thing?  Let’s consider the pros and cons of very involved homeschool dads. Cons of a Very Involved Homeschool Spouse Different Opinions First, a look at some of the potential negatives of homeschool dads becoming intimately involved in the teaching process. One potential problem is the simple mathematics of two humans with two opinions about the same project. It is no secret that people tend to become very convinced about the merits of their own opinion and tend to think less of the opinion of others. While this is not a problem at all unique to homeschooling families, it still applies to them: husbands and wives don’t always see eye to eye on everything. Once two opinions take the place of […]

Resources for Homeschool Parents: Keys to Successful Homeschooling

It's back to homeschool school time for this family.

Beginning a homeschool journey can make you feel somewhat lost. Even as a seasoned homeschool parent, planning for the next school year can have you stumped on where to begin. You either don’t know where to find the best resources, you can’t find the resources you need, or you find so many resources that all can seem quite overwhelming. Finding the right resources for homeschool parents can most often be the key to successful homeschooling. Although there is a slew of resources for homeschool parents out there, there are a few staples that you don’t want to do without. They are a go-to for when you need quick resources; they are an if-all-else-fails reliable resource; they are filler resources or resources you can use consistently to round out your homeschool curriculum. We could look all around us at the resources available in our community and to the internet to provide the keys to successful homeschooling to fit our families perfectly. The internet has made available amazing high-quality resources at your fingertips — either completely free or at a low cost. Note: Even if you don’t homeschool just yet, or you know a family in need of extra resources to supplement […]

Truth Revealed: Homeschooling Advantages and Disadvantages

Study teacher ratios are a huge benefit of homeschooling. This mom is reading one on one with her child.

It is possible that homeschooling is a deep mystery to you. It can be easy to think of cultural subsets like those that make up the diverse homeschooling universe as a murky, odd, or even potentially dangerous group of outliers. Have you ever wondered what is really behind those unique faces that “do their school” in their pajamas? Is it worth the oddity? Is it really all they crack it up to be? Well, here at last, the truth is revealed. Here, straight from the homeschooler’s mouth, are the real homeschooling advantages and disadvantages. Homeschooling Disadvantages Financial Responsibility As you think about homeschooling advantages and disadvantages, you first need to think about all the “extras” homeschooling requires of the parents.  It takes extra money. You’ll still pay school taxes and have to purchase the educational materials yourself. It requires extra effort. You have to decide on just about everything yourself – will you teach algebra one or will you find a tutor, or will you not even enter a diploma program in which algebra one is required? You’ll spend a lot of extra time with your children – no school day hours where the house is empty. Homeschooling also requires […]

How to Start Homeschooling: Confronting our Biggest Fears

Let's confront our homeschooling fears. These moms are a support system for one another.

Confronting fears is one of the biggest struggles to face when first deciding to home educate. A caveat to that is that the fear looks different to each family. Each family has to overcome the fear or are still overcoming the fear in their respective journeys. If you have concerns about homeschooling, you are not alone. Confronting our biggest fears on how to start homeschooling isn’t easy, but the fears can be conquered. We face fear on both ends of the spectrum. Sometimes fear is the driving force for us to start homeschooling. For instance, we are fearful of our children getting bullied, we are afraid of our kids joining the wrong crowd, we are afraid of the negative influences, and we fear our kids will fall behind. These fears drive parents to homeschool, and then once they decide on homeschooling those fears turn into insecurities of not teaching well enough, of not managing their education, or of not having the financial budget to homeschool. Know that your fears may not completely go away, but they can be faced head-on by the defining reasons that made you want to homeschool initially. Homeschooling is merely a precious opportunity to join your […]

5 Popular Reasons to Homeschool

If you are considering homeschooling your children, you might be concerned about a few things including academic success and socialization to name a few. These 5 popular reasons to homeschool will address your concerns and much more. Luma Learn is here to support students and at every step along their educational journey. Whether you are homeschooling or seeking additional education for a private or public school student, we have a wide selection of courses to meet all of your academic needs. 1.       Concern for Academic success Statistics show, over and over, that the students with the highest scores on standardized tests are homeschoolers. Homeschooling allows for individualized attention from teachers, in schedules, and in areas of focus. Much like a personal health coach, the personalization of homeschooling gives you the ability to thrive by meeting individual educational needs with individualized methods. 2.       Good homeschooling experience By now, a lot of homeschoolers are the second generation. While many of us are homeschooling differently than our parents, we are carrying over principles that were blessings to us as children. You can usually judge a movement by its second generation, and homeschooling certainly passes that test. 3.       Concern for the physical, spiritual, and academic quality of other educational options […]

How to Make Homeschool and Public School at the Same Time Successful

homeschool and public school at the same time

Consider for a moment the possibility of not having to choose between public school and homeschool. What if there were an alternative that allows a different type of opportunity — one not completely offered by the public school system and not offered by solely homeschooling? Many families have already learned how to make homeschool and public school at the same time successful. Having a choice in this matter can make a world of difference to some families. According to the EdChoice’s 2017 Schooling in America survey, the average is 3 percent of students that are homeschooled. It was interesting to discover from that survey that although only 3% of students were actually homeschooled, approximately 7 percent of the surveyed families would homeschool if they had the opportunity. Although many public school families strongly believe that homeschooling is not for them and many homeschooling families wouldn’t want their child to attend public school, there is a middle ground that some families have deemed beneficial. When a child can split a schedule to attend homeschool and public school at the same time (often called hybrid homeschooling) they can take away a unique educational experience. Splitting time and courses between homeschool and public school can […]

Benefits of Live Online Homeschool Courses with Luma Learn

Student taking a live online homeschool course

Many educational supervisors outside the mainstream of American schooling value the enormous benefits of self-paced educational opportunities. This is particularly true with homeschooling parents. That the ability to set the schedule for your child’s classes offers advantages is undeniable. However, many educators and students from all forms of schooling also insist that there is something valuable about live online homeschool courses. Benefits of Live Online Homeschool Courses 1. Don’t Be Late for Live Online Courses     The first benefit of live online homeschool courses is one with which homeschool families tend to struggle: timeliness. It is equal parts frustrating and funny, but so many homeschoolers simply aren’t used to living life to someone else’s schedule. Live online homeschool courses, however, do have a schedule that your student must adhere to, and can thereby give them practice at living in a world that is obsessively dedicated to an external schedule – and an often hectic one at that.  When the parents are leading a class, it is not a problem if something comes up and work gets delayed until tomorrow. When you are paying someone else to teach your child, however, and you will lose teaching time per dollar if […]

Benefits of Self-Paced Online Homeschool Courses

Benefits of self-paced online homeschool courses. This student is learning from the car.

One of the major advantages of homeschooling is the flexibility it allows a family to choose how, when, where, and what to educate their children. With the many benefits of self-paced online homeschool courses, it is no wonder that more and more families are choosing this option. The definition of self-paced, in the context of homeschooling, means that a student starts a course of study that allows them to navigate the learning process to complete objectives at their own pace and time. Flexibility in homeschooling is something that is second nature to the process. Self-paced courses develop the next level of flexibility to your homeschool. In self-paced online homeschool courses, students journey through course curriculum based on their needs. Your students can progress as slow or as fast as they want while being mindful of the busy family life, scheduled (or unscheduled) vacations, sports practice, doctor appointments, and all other events which take up time in our day.  The self-placed online homeschool course material is pre-recorded through tutorials and videos, presenting information sessions and instructions. Having control of how, when, where, and what your students learn has made self-paced online learning a preferred option for students in home education, college, […]

Online Homeschool Electives for Budget Conscious Families

Preteen_female_online_luma_learn homeschool electives

Homeschoolers spend years discerning what courses are necessary for a strong educational foundation for their children. Each year, parents plan for classes that will bring about the maximum amount of learning. We make sure core subjects are covered and that our students clearly grasp concepts. When students reach the secondary grades, they have an option to select online homeschool electives to provide a new dynamic and an array of possibilities in their education. Usually, when we think of a well- balanced curriculum, it often times includes math, reading, science, history, and language arts. We provide homeschool lessons in these subjects in a systematic manner so they increasing learn more year after year. Children seldom have a choice in the matter. As your children get older, the idea of taking electives becomes increasingly intriguing to them. Deciding what electives to take, helps encourage independence and accountability in your students. They are finally able to select a course of their own and be responsible for succeeding in the choice they have made. Online homeschool electives provide an excellent option for students as they are completing their high school requirements. Many times the school year doesn’t allow for electives, and children can take […]