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3 Ways to Keep a Flexible Christmas Homeschool Schedule


All of the sudden November is here and you realize the holidays have just crashed your daily homeschool party. Your kids haven’t opened their school books this week, and you’re overwhelmed at the thought of catching them up on their learning as each day goes by. The Christmas season has a way of weighing you down with enough guilt to sink a ship, doesn’t it? All you want to do is keep your head above water, the kids alive, and juggle the holiday shopping, baking, and event planning. Somewhere in the midst of this chaos…SCHOOL! We still have lessons to complete in the midst of our Christmas homeschool schedule. Did you know the Christmas season offers the best hands-on learning opportunities and character-building moments?  You should never have to feel guilty for skipping the school books during the holidays. Here are 3 ways you can use your crazy daily schedule to create a flexible schedule for the kids that keeps them learning, productive and growing in character during this time of year. Shopping Lessons: Flexible Christmas Homeschool Schedule No matter how much you want to avoid the over commercialized aspect of Christmas, you find yourself there anyway. Whether you are shopping […]

5 Alternatives to Traditional Homeschool Christmas Lessons

child-play-luma-learn homeschool Christmas lessons

I cannot wait until after Thanksgiving to pick my gifts for the people on my list. To do it right takes time, so I get started early. The same can be said for homeschooling. You need to prepare in advance. Therefore, this is your official authorization to begin planning for your homeschool Christmas lessons now, before Thanksgiving ends. In that, however, you have a problem. The closer it gets to Christmas, the less everyone wants to do school (except if you find some really cool short courses like this 3 week, LIVE English course on Dickens’ A Christmas Carol for 6th-8th graders). Well, you are the boss of your child’s education, remember? So rather than becoming a course-schedule Nazi, liven up the season – and possibly your child’s enthusiasm for learning – with some unique and fun homeschool Christmas lessons! 1. Study the Obscure Christmas Passages Your kids are probably anticipating Luke 2 and the story of the wisemen. Switch things up on them a little with some passages that have a lot to say about Christmas but may not occur to them as “Christmas passages.” Try Hebrews 2, or think about John 1:1-14: In the beginning was the Word, […]

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