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Sleeping in and Other Unbelievable Homeschool Benefits

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Making the decision to homeschool can be life-changing. Homeschooling is no easy feat, to say the least. Amidst the challenges that come along with homeschooling, like the adjustment, the financial cutbacks, or the struggles of teaching with no experience, we also can rest assured that the end justifies the means. If you are contemplating homeschool for your family, explore the idea of sleeping in and other unbelievable homeschool benefits that may help you decide to take the plunge.

When a family decides to homeschool, there is a simultaneous understanding of the sacrifice and commitment it will take to follow through with it. This is why the decision to homeschool is so crucial. It takes some families many years before resolving to commit to home education.

There are over 2 million families who are homeschooled at this time. However, homeschooling remains banned in almost 40 countries. Just the mere thought that we have a right to educate our children depicts freedom that not many others are privy to.

There are lingering questions on any parent’s mind when considering homeschool. Is homeschooling better than public/private school? Do homeschool students perform better or worse?

Regardless of the pros and cons of homeschooling, some homeschool benefits run across the board for most families. They are unbelievably appealing compared to the alternative.

Mother and daughter sleeping in late. Sleeping late is one benefit of homeschooling.

Sleeping in is a homeschool benefit.

Sleeping in is one of the many joys homeschool moms/parents share when deciding to homeschool. Sleep has proven health benefits like heart health, reduces inflammation, weight loss, and produces less stress — amongst other wins. Our lives are pretty hectic, and sleeping in is healthy for those chaotic times to get the boost you need to start your day off right.

Customization of your child’s education is a homeschool benefit.

Being able to tailor learning around your child’s specific interests and educational needs can maximize learning.  Unfortunately, in public or private school, there is a set curriculum that children need to adjust to not a curriculum that conforms to your child. Customizing a learning experience makes children highly motivated, which in turn develops a love for learning. A passion for learning is often hindered in the one-size-fits-all school model.

Study teacher ratios are a huge benefit of homeschooling. This mom is reading one on one with her child.

Student-teacher ratios are a homeschool benefit.

According to the 1980s Student Teacher Achievement Ration (STAR) study, when a class is reduced by seven students or 32%, student achievement is increased by the equivalent of an additional three months of schooling. This is such a significant benefit to a child’s success, making homeschooling a ratio (1:1) that maximizes student achievement.

Homeschooling is like having a personal tutor to help a student master basic skills or concepts to ensure genuine learning is occurring. Helping students individually is a homeschool benefit unmatched by the traditional public school model or education.

Flexible schedules are a homeschool benefit.

Teachers in public and most private schools with regular class sizes cannot spend dedicated, individualized time with each student. The average teacher spends about 20 hours in the classroom. Some of that time is not on class instruction, but on administration, discipline, and other tasks.

The benefit of teaching your children means you can make your schedule and spend as much time as you need with your student on a subject. There is no rigidity to what days or times you can homeschool. Flexibility allows families to adjust school around their schedule, enabling convenient time for doctor appointments, field trips, or even where and when the learning takes place.

The freedom to travel and create a flexible education schedule is a benefit of homeschooling.

Freedom to learn through experience is a homeschool benefit.

Being released from the confines of restricted and untailored education creates and enables a thriving learning environment. You and your child have the ability to choose what he or she learns; it means you have the freedom to explore a subject as deep or as briefly as you wish. It means kids can take the actual real-time needed to watch a caterpillar come out of its cocoon, to experience the seasons outdoors instead of just learning about them on paper, or to do projects that develop lasting life skills — to name a few.

Homeschool families work learning into their life, instead of working life around their learning.

The development of your student’s independence is a homeschool benefit.

Valuing self-worth and the realization of self is a homeschool benefit that is rarely talked about. Your children have a world of limitless options where they can discover what they want to try out or what they want to pursue. Homeschool students aren’t limited to the extracurricular activities provided in a school. Instead of practicing the violin after school, your family can make playing the violin part of their daily routine.

In a traditional school setting, many students sign up for groups because all the other girls/boys are, or they join specific sports teams not because they love it but because that is the only thing available to them.

No child can deny that no homework is a real homeschool benefit.

There is no need for homework when homeschooling; homework is your homeschool. Typical class sizes have about 20 students with a teacher who needs to teach for them all. In an individualized education model like homeschooling, the attention is given to only a few students or less (your children), making more dedicated time on focused work and one-on-one tutoring.

The benefits of homeschooling are endless.  A study on homeschoolers in 2003 showed that 5,000 homeschoolers homeschooled for more than seven years turned out to be more active as adults in the community and their social life. A higher number of homeschoolers continued to pursue higher education and scored higher on a happiness scale. 

Homeschooling allows families to enjoy the things that traditional school environments are forced to leave out. Think for a moment at how homeschoolers can experience their days by playing outdoors, taking more than one field trip per year, going on trips to the library, learning from exploration, in deep learning in subjects they are actually interested in, taking vacation time in different times of the year, and taking time off when they need to.

For many years, the idea of homeschooling and its benefits were never discussed when thinking of educating our children. It was unbelievable that children can be well-rounded with home education if we even knew what that was. However, homeschooling is becoming more and more commonplace, and parents see it as being more and more doable — even necessary.

The advances in technology and the available resources on the internet make homeschooling a simple and effective way to educate children. Homeschooling online adds additional benefits that include more time for parents during the day, encouraging independent learning, and less stress in the homeschool process overall – from planning to implementation. The available free or budget-friendly resources/curriculum online makes homeschooling more attainable than we could have imagined years ago.

Luma Learn, with over 100 online courses for homeschoolers, can open up unbelievable opportunities for your child to learn about their areas of interest or new exciting subjects.

Luma Learn has some intriguing courses that may pique your student’s interest and fulfill some college admissions requirements. Here are few for you to take a look at:

Introduction to Linguistics

Research Writing

Ham Radio Technician Class Licensing Course

Adult Write Your Own Novella Part 1 and Part 2

Lincoln Douglas Debate

Crochet with Dr. K: Loom Crochet/Knitting

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Intro to Music Improvisation: Keyboard

Disney STEAM: The Magic Kingdom

IEW U.S. History-Based Writing with Lit.

Advanced Biol Sem. 1

Theology for Children: God Revealed


And so much more!

Sleeping in and Other Unbelievable Homeschool Benefits. Explore this benefit of homeschooling and many more. #homeschoolbenefits #homeschooling #christianeducation

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