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You'll receive a modern, crisp website with the ability to create accounts, handle payments, display courses, provide information, as well as handle the various other functionalities listed in this section. Your website will be integrated with your LMS, or Learning Management System.

Suggested Courses

Your customers or parents will be able to suggest a course and have it populate on a specific page so that one admin can consider the possibility of offering that course without having to spend the time on the phone or email fielding those questions.


Your instructors will be able to submit a biography of themselves and a headshot photo which will populate on their customized teacher’s page. This page would list their background, faith journey, hobbies & interests, and any reviews they may have. Remember, you may customize to fit your needs.

Adding Courses

Your instructors or admin team can post new courses with a few simple inputs. Once courses are posted, your instructors will be automatically enrolled as a teacher in their particular course within the LMS and as a student in a Professional Development course. This is so that as they are trained, they can practice on their own courses.

Ask Instructors Questions

Your customers or parents will be able to ask instructors questions directly through the website (before purchase), without having them share email addresses. Questions that are asked and answered by instructors will post on your website for others to see as well, and you can remove questions whenever you see fit. Alternatively, you may direct questions to one particular admin person on your team if that suits your needs better.


Your courses can be rated. At the end of a course, students will automatically receive an email asking them to review their course. You may use this info solely for your own purposes or to actually publish the ratings. You may customize the categories with which you’d like your teachers or your courses rated.

Automatic Enrollment

Your students will be automatically enrolled in their respective course within the LMS after payment has been made. This greatly reduces your admin needs and lets you concentrate on more pressing matters within your organization.

Instructor Lounge

Your instructors will have a separate area on your website to receive information and post items. This allows for an easy dissemination of content between you and future instructors. The lounge is also the area where your student or customer questions (before purchase) and customer suggested courses will post, as well as where your instructors will submit their bio and post new course offerings.


Course Creation

Customize Courses

Create, edit, customize, and grade assignments, exams, discussions, and projects within your LMS. Create a variety of assessments to bring your courses to life.

Build Your Course

Utilize multi-media elements to fully engage and add depth to your courses. Add your own pre-recorded videos or leverage other online content to build your courses. After watching our training tutorials, your instructors will be able to navigate their dashboard, add assignments, set up their gradebook, post exams, and add any other course content with ease.

Virtual Classroom

Utilize your virtual classroom to bring real-time solutions to your organization. You'll have the ability to upload presentations, use whiteboards, give speaking or camera privilege to students, separate students into breakout rooms. Additionally, you'll be able to record your classes for those who miss that day.

External Tools

Add external tools such as Khan Academy, Quizlet, FunBrain, Kahoot, etc, to provide further enrichment for your students. What's even better is that your students will not need to leave your LMS to log into those tools...and scores they receive on external tools can be added directly into their gradebooks.

Collaborative Tools

Engage your students using collaborative tools and activities such as forums, database activities, and wikis. Add galleries, videos, files, surveys, and discussion questions, just to name a few.

File Management

Conveniently store your private files in cloud based applications such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and MS OneDrive. Drag and drop them when and where needed.

Text Editor

Moodle utilizes an intuitive text editor. Whether describing a class, embedding video, or detailing items within an assignment, instructors will come to recognize the consistency and convenience of having a reliable text editor.


Your LMS will be SCORM compliant. This allows for convenience in content interoperability. If you want to move content from one SCORM application to another, it's only a few simple clicks.


Course Delivery

Personalized Dashboard

Luma Learn provides a modern LMS interface (Moodle) with a personalized dashboard.

Device Access

Students or customers can access their courses, dashboards, and calendars across multiple devices including mobile phones, tablets, and laptops.

Communication Tools

Interact with convenient communication tools such as personal calendars which automatically populate assignments, assessments, or manual entries. Additionally, secure messaging between instructors and students within the LMS provides easy and private communication.

Grader Report

Grader report tracks grades for students and allows either admin or teachers to establish grading systems and specific scales. Easily track all of your students' progress within a course.


You will be able to manage user roles and permissions. A user is anyone who will use your LMS. Roles range from student, teacher, admin, guest, non-editing teacher and more. You can choose what to name each role and what permissions each role will have within your LMS.

Grading Annotator

Experience convenience with our in-line grading annotator: annotate directly on student work submissions and have grade automatically entered in grade book.Experience convenience with our in-line grading annotator. Annotate directly on student work submissions. Students' grades will be automatically entered in instructors' grade book, and students will see their annotated assignments within their course page.

Multiple Languages

We are able to set up individual courses or your entire LMS in multiple languages. Customize your LMS to suit your customers' communication needs.

Security Updates

Rest assured knowing that Luma Learn For Organizations will provide regular security updates.

Admin Organization

Your admin team will stay organized with detailed reporting on LMS use, courses, grades and more.


Easily enroll students with multiple enrollment choices for both bulk or manual enrollments.


Establish your own gamification needs including badges and/or competencies.