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Online Science Courses Offer Educational Flexibility


Online science courses are a great place to go to find the flexibility you need to maximize your child’s educational opportunities.

If you’ve ever listened to a homeschooler explain why they decided to make such a “weird” choice in education, you’ve no doubt heard a pitch about the flexibility homeschool offers. Your friend wasn’t lying: homeschooling does indeed offer flexibility far beyond anything conventional schooling can offer.

As a parent, you are uniquely positioned to know your child’s specific educational needs and strengths, not to mention personality traits and social and emotional history. Even if you are not personally playing the part of educator – as many homeschool parents do – you are supervising and personalizing your child’s educational path with nothing but the needs of your child and family in mind.

Because you do not have to consider an entire class (or directives from an educational board, curriculum, or government), you can create a plan that is best for that child specifically. This powerful advantage is made obvious in science class.

Even the flexibility of scheduling, as simple as it sounds, creates a distinct advantage. Think of your own history in conventional schooling, or the stories you hear from your friends.


How many times has Johnny had to give up science club because it meets on the same day as piano lessons? Online science classes, especially at a place like Luma Learn (my favorite online learning platform!), can alleviate some of the logjam in our busy American lives.

Yes, piano lessons are on Wednesdays, but you can still capitalize on Johnny’s interest in biology because Mr. Smith’s online science class on Luma Learn meets on Mondays.

Johnny also wants to try out for a community football league (you FINALLY found one that will allow homsechoolers to play!!) – he really wants to! But games are on Mondays! Bye-bye science class?

No! Mrs. Jones offers a science class that is self-paced! Johnny can do his science work any time! As interested as Johnny is in science, I wouldn’t be surprised if he does science class on the weekends.

You know your life gets this busy sometimes. Alleviate some of the busyness without sacrificing your ability to let your budding science prodigy explore and develop his interests. If only for the scheduling flexibility, try out online science classes!

There is another flexibility online science classes offer – flexibility in teachers. This one can be really important.

I remember my older sister was never really into science as we went through our homeschool journey. That fact stuck out to me, because I always really loved it, especially zoology. But all the animal stuff just didn’t really ring my sister’s bell like it did mine.

So you can imagine, science was by no means her favorite subject. Until something changed. When we got to high school, my parents ran across the Exploring Creation series by Dr. Jay Wile from Apologia publishing.


I think they found it at the CHAP homeschool convention – some of you may know it, but we went during the days it met at the PA Farm Show Complex. Ah, such memories. There’s nothing like the bustling sound of homeschool moms hunting for deals mingled with the smell of barn! But I digress.

Once my older sister started using Dr. Jay’s science curriculum, things changed. I cannot say she became a science enthusiast, but I can say she became much more enthusiastic about science class.

I consider Dr. Jay a master teacher of many things, and his forte is of course what he focused on in his science curricula. His style, both written and oral, really worked for my sister, and since my parents were homeschooling her, they could get rid of what had been her “boring teachers” before and replace them with her new “favorite teacher.”

The results were palpable. Science stopped being a boring subject and became something she actually looked forward to! I should add that Dr. Jay’s books worked like a charm for me as well. In fact, I still remember a lot of the facts that he first taught me – some of them more than ten years ago – and follow his blog on science and current events to this day. 

My point is that my sister would never have gotten the benefits from Dr. Jay’s science curriculum if we had never found Dr. Jay. Different styles work for different students.

Stylistic options are a major advantage. This is something that online science courses offer in spades. At a place like Luma Learn, you have a collection of several qualified, passionate teachers all gathered for you.

You also get the chance to get a free peek into the style, background, and qualifications of the teachers – as well as the content of the course – before you make a purchase! I know of no other medium where this opportunity is available.

So what is the moral of our story? The next time your homeschool friend tries to sell you on the flexibility of homeschooling, listen to her. Specifically, bear in mind the flexibility offered you by online science courses!

Your little Sir Isaac Newton Jr. will thank you, and, if he really does turn out to be Sir Isaac Newton Jr., so will the rest humanity!

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