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Online Homeschool Electives for Budget Conscious Families

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Homeschoolers spend years discerning what courses are necessary for a strong educational foundation for their children. Each year, parents plan for classes that will bring about the maximum amount of learning. We make sure core subjects are covered and that our students clearly grasp concepts. When students reach the secondary grades, they have an option to select online homeschool electives to provide a new dynamic and an array of possibilities in their education.

Usually, when we think of a well- balanced curriculum, it often times includes math, reading, science, history, and language arts. We provide homeschool lessons in these subjects in a systematic manner so they increasing learn more year after year. Children seldom have a choice in the matter.

As your children get older, the idea of taking electives becomes increasingly intriguing to them. Deciding what electives to take, helps encourage independence and accountability in your students. They are finally able to select a course of their own and be responsible for succeeding in the choice they have made.

Online homeschool electives provide an excellent option for students as they are completing their high school requirements. Many times the school year doesn’t allow for electives, and children can take online homeschool electives during the summer. Other times, an online homeschool elective can enable a student to take a course that intrigues them, amid a rigorous schedule, to break up the monotony.

Aside from these reasons, there are plenty of benefits to taking online homeschool electives that you may want to consider.

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Online homeschool electives develop a versatile student.

We hear the word well-rounded student often. Although it may sound cliché, well-rounded is a great word that describes what online homeschool electives can produce in our students. They can take music, woodwork, foreign languages, graphic design, and so many other electives in order to broaden their skill set and knowledge.

Online homeschool electives give your students a voice.

Now that your children are at an age when electives can be taken, letting them choose which electives they want can motivate them to succeed. Making a major choice in their schooling prepares them for making choices in their future careers, college path, majors or minors, and more.

Online homeschool electives provide children with an opportunity to explore their interests.

For the most part, children have had to learn what was in their lesson plans. They have had to learn the topics that their parents set out for them. Having the ability to choose electives lets them pursue interests and discover what they like and don’t like.

Online homeschool electives help students begin to look at career choices.

A student who wants to be a journalist can take a creative writing or research writing class online. A student who wants to be an artist can take an online course on marketing to learn how to market their brand and sell their artwork. Looking through courses online for electives can help your children take a course they might not necessarily have chosen for themselves but would want to give a try.

Online homeschool courses also provide certifications or licenses during middle school or high school to prepare them for their field of study or to get a skilled part-time job while they are in school.

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Online homeschool electives can boost a student’s college application.

When your child takes an elective that they select and are interested in, they most likely will produce a good grade in it. Electives can significantly help grade point averages for college applications.

Improving grades with electives isn’t the only benefit to college applications, since colleges are not solely looking for good grades. They are looking at the student as a whole. Taking unique electives or electives that correspond with a student’s major field of study, will significantly impact a college’s candidate selection. 

Think of two students who have the exact grade point average. One student has been taking a music elective since junior year. Those music classes ultimately set them apart from the other, adding a competitive edge.

Online homeschool electives can provide endless opportunities for students, and allow the flexibility they need to fit their interests in an already busy schedule.

Luma Learn’s marketplace teachers offer self-paced or live online homeschool electives that can fit just about any interest and schedule. Parents and students are able (and encouraged) to read the teachers’ bio, faith journey, and background in teaching before purchasing classes.

Here are a few of the online homeschool electives for you and your student to explore:

Beginning Harp I

Latin 1

Lincoln Douglas Debate

World History

Introduction to Sports Medicine

Theology for Children: God Revealed


Biblical Apologetics

Military Art and Science

The Media and the Message

Adulting 101

American Sign Language for Beginners

And so much more…

Parents and students can both shop on the Luma Learn marketplace similar to how you would shop on an Amazon marketplace…just decide, point and click! 

Do you recommend any of Luma Learn’s online homeschool electives? How was your student’s experience?

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