5 Ways Online Classes Simplify Homeschooling

Boy is happy to be taking online homeschool course on Luma Learn

Luma Learn is the new marketplace of online homeschool courses all taught by independent Christian teachers. Great, you say. So how does that benefit YOU? Easy: 

    1. You get to leverage other people’s talents
    2. You get to teach your student accountability in a real world setting
    3. You get to gain some much needed free time
    4. You get to prepare your student for college
    5. You get to choose the what AND when for a course

Leveraging Others’ Gifts with Homeschooling

We homeschoolers are committed to training our children in the fear and admonition of the Lord by raising them in our homes, but sometimes the academics can be challenging.  Why is it that we feel that we need to be an expert in multiple subjects across multiple grade levels?  We all know that God has gifted each of us differently, so why not utilize the giftings of others around us?  If we’re not gifted with an ability to, say, elaborate on the depths of math, science, or language to our children, then why not find someone who is?  We can be the managers of our children’s education in areas where we don’t feel comfortable.

That’s one of the areas where Luma Learn shines. You can choose from over 100+ (and growing) online homeschool courses.  Many have reviews from students or parents so that you can read what others say.  With Luma Learn, it’s easy to utilize the talents of others because teachers get to choose what classes they want to teach as opposed to being asked or told what to teach.  That means your student will be learning from top-notch teachers who are passionate about the subjects they teach.

Homeschooling Teaches Accountability

online homeschool programsAside from being hesitant to teach a particular subject, we moms may want to consider the benefits of outside accountability.  As homeschoolers, our children become so used to us as both mom and teacher.  If you run a home-based business, then you might wear a third hat: employer.  Sometimes it becomes difficult for our children to gain a full understanding of what it truly means to be accountable when it’s only mom as the authority. 

When children experience accountability towards another adult, say in the realm of an online homeschool class, they get to put their skills to the test.  How do they address their teacher?  Do they get their assignments in on time, or do they always make excuses?  Are they able to follow directions?  Are they respectful in how they write and speak?  All these are important life skills that need to be learned before we propel them off in life.

Get a Break with Homeschooling

What’s the first thing the airline attendant says after showing the oxygen masks?  Put on your own mask first so that you’re able to properly take care of your child’s.  There’s a similar principle in life.  Moms, if you don’t take care of yourself, you’ll have nothing left to give your students.  And they need you.  They need you to grab those breaks when you can so that you’re running with all cylinders firing.  We don’t need to pretend that we can do everything! A full life is a blessing, yes, but with a full life comes the need for us to discern what our limits are. 

When you opt to sign your student up for an online homeschool class, you get to enjoy a much-needed, albeit short, break.  You get to take something off your already full plate. Everything counts.  If you’re like me, I feel as though my days can sometimes be jam-packed down to the minute.  When your child takes an online class from a knowledgable teacher who has your student’s best interest at heart, you’ll get a breather in your day, even if it’s only to grab a cup of hot tea, relax, and listen to praise music.

Preparing For College After Homeschooling

I know that many of us don’t even want to think about this, but one day it’ll be here!  Do you know what an LMS is?  Does your child?  It’s a Learning Management System, and it’s where most of education will be directed in the next 10 years via e-learning platforms.  Did you know that 99% of colleges already use an LMS?  If you want your child to be ready, they need to understand how e-learning platforms function.

Although there are literally hundreds of LMS’s out there, Luma Learn uses one of the more prevalent ones found on college campuses.  The last thing you want is for your child to be dragging behind the other students in a class because he doesn’t know what a Dashboard is, or she can’t figure out how to turn in her assignment and is in a panic the night before it’s due.  It takes a little time to get fully used to the intricacies of an LMS.  Give your child a head start.

Controlling Your Homeschool Schedule

Unquestionably, your schedule is already full due to co-op, piano, baseball, and the like. Of course, we need to throw in the doctor, dentist, and ER visits.  Then add the grocery shopping, bank trips, and auto mechanic and you have one full schedule.  Notice there was no mention of cooking and cleaning, but of course those get squeezed in somewhere.  Oh wait, this is a homeschool blog, we have to fit homeschooling in there, right?

Well when your student takes an online class, you get to choose a class that fits your schedule, as opposed to squeezing your schedule further to fit with a specific class.  Whether you opt for a LIVE or self-paced online homeschool class, there really is nothing like the convenience of your student taking an online course in your own home, on your own terms!

**A Little Background**

Just like you, I’m a homeschooling mom myself.  Luma Learn was birthed because we saw a desire for something that wasn’t available to homeschooling families, a convenient, one-stop marketplace for online homeschool classes.  We didn’t want to enroll in a school, and we wanted to have options in the courses we chose for our own children.  That’s why you’ll find that not all classes on Luma Learn are semester-long classes.  Most are, yes, but there are also lots that are shorter courses which become a great supplement to some of our already planned out yearly curriculum. 

For teachers, we wanted them to feel supported in their teaching, empowered with technical support, and encouraged to grow their own online teaching business. With Luma Learn, teachers can offer their courses for whatever price they choose, which means that not only do we have some of the lowest prices around, but teachers earn more of their chosen course price than they do elsewhere!  Incredibly, there are even some free courses on the marketplace. By the way, if you know someone who’d be interested in offering their courses through Luma Learn, please encourage them to watch this fun video.  They can always find out more information about offering online homeschool courses on the Luma Learn marketplace here.

Last but not least, we want Luma Learn to be a hub of encouragement for homeschooling moms.  We all need support, and it’s so good to just hear that encouraging word to press on, keep going, don’t give up!  We’d love to have you follow us on social media as well as subscribe to our list so that we can support you on this journey.

So there you have it!  Luma Learn in a nutshell.  🙂

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