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Online History Classes Bring History Alive

Online History Classes Bring History Alive

I love history! Perhaps more than any other subject, history truly is alive. I can hear a bunch of you out there scoffing. To many of us, history is one of the most boring subjects we will ever take. We are all familiar with the pointless drudgery of the infamous “names and dates.” But that’s just my point, no one is bored by history, but lots of people are bored by history class. That is where online history classes can come in to bring it all back to life!

That is actually one reason why any history class should be alive: because history – real history – has already lived. That is what a good history teacher does – bring history back to life.

History is a compilation of true events: things that actually happened, lives that were really lived, choices that had to be made, battles that somebody fought, and miracles God actually brought about. History is a true story. There is nothing better.


Online History Courses Bring History to Life

I love the idea of pursuing online history classes specifically because they can bring history alive in a way that may not be available even through the best textbook. (All you lovers of the written word out there, forgive me. I am one of you, but there is something different you should want in your history class beyond the written word. Just hear me out!)

After all, we all know a textbook will only ever be so interesting. Historical fiction on the other hand . . .. Perhaps you have had the experience of traveling to a battlefield and engaging in a guided tour. My family had a keen interest in the civil war during my high school years (thanks to my older sister) and, being homeschooled, we frequently traveled to battlefields. Gettysburg was obvious, being from Pennsylvania, but we also explored Fredericksburg, the wilderness campaign in Spottsylvania, the Richmond area, Chancellorsville, Appomattox Courthouse, and even a prison used for prisoners of war during the war.

A lot of times we would find our own way, but we also spoke to many tour guides. For some of them, it was just a job. They recited their lines with vim and vigor akin to folks who tell you “welcome to Walmart” as part of their job (okay, maybe it wasn’t quite that bland, but you get my drift!). But then there were some that were there because they loved it.

They were so passionate about history, they were almost scary, but you learned a lot from what they said. I can still see their faces and hear their voices. If you have ever visited a historical sight and gotten one of those tour guides, you know exactly what I am talking about.

Luma Learn online history classes

This is how online history classes bring history to life for your students. The people that are creating these classes are almost always the scary-passionate types! In the self-paced courses, you get to see their passion flow, and in the live classes, you basically have all the advantages of actually talking to the tour guide.

You can see and learn from the intensity of their love for their subject as well as ask questions. There is no better way to learn “living” history!

I happen to know from first-hand experience this sort of history class is available on Luma Learn because I created one! ? You will see my “Great Stories of God: Beginnings” class under the “history” tab at Luma Learn because those stories of Genesis are the very beginning of human history!


What better place to start a story than the beginning? And what better way to bring history to life than sitting back and listening to some of the most entertaining and dramatic stories you will ever hear?

Yes, I fear I am one of the scary-passionate types but don’t worry, since my course is self-paced, I can’t actually reach out and grab you and drag you across the battlefield at bayonet point like you’re afraid some of those tour guides might do! ? 

Luma Learn Online History Courses

If you are looking for a “living” history class, you should check out “Great Stories of God: Beginnings.” You should also check out the other amazing history classes Luma Learn has to offer.

For instance, Latin is one of the most historically significant – and interesting – and fun – languages of all time! On Luma Learn, you can get a two-part mini-lesson on speaking Latin – for free! Learning to speak Latin is, like, the definition of bringing history to life! Perfectus! ? 

You should also try “Literature for the Roaring ’20s.” This class from Rebecca Nemec uses “The Great Gatsby” as a platform for discussing that era of American History. What more “lively” way to discuss history than one of America’s most enduring works of literature?

In David Mugg’s class, “Military Art and Science,” you actually get to create a board game based on a war you predict will happen as a result of your studies! How cool is that!!!

And these are just a few of the amazing options that are available to you-you really need to check these out for yourself. Online history classes such as these really can bring history to life. Avail yourself of them, and you may just become one of those-scary passionate tour guides yourself. CHARGE! ?

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