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Online Classes During the Holidays

When the winter season starts to roll around, our thoughts are diverted to holiday celebrations, snow, decorating the house, and most importantly, the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. It can be so hard to encourage your unmotivated student due to all the distractions around them. Online classes can help! But, how?

Although your “normal schooling” might come to a temporary halt during the holiday season, your child(ren)’s education doesn’t have to. Short one week or even one day holiday classes can boost your student’s excitement for learning again. For example, on Luma Learn Renai Ruiz offers inexpensive, short, Spanish classes for grades K-5. In these classes, students are able to learn Spanish vocabulary words relating to the winter season or various Christmas songs like White Christmas or Jingle Bells. These no-pressure classes constitute a fun yet educational holiday activity that your students, whether younger or older, will love. Maybe your student wants to learn how to bake/decorate perfect cookies (especially for people with special dietary needs — me included!). Or your student might be one who enjoys history. If so, you could find a class on the Pilgrims and their adventurous, audacious quest across the ocean on the Mayflower only to arrive upon a desolate land during a harsh, cold winter season. Whether you find the class for your student or participate in a fun class together as a family, the possibilities are endless. With the world of technology that we live in today, you will not be hard pressed to be able to find a short, online class that each individual student will thoroughly enjoy. 

Extracurricular activities are great additions to your holiday celebrations but you still need to continue core subjects through the month of December and season of celebrations. The dilemma is how can schooling continue like normal with all of the business of the holiday season? Self paced courses provide wonderful flexibility that, as we all know, can be hard to find in the spur of the holiday celebrations. Maybe you double up one day so that you can attend a special, Christmas-exclusive play portraying the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus. Or maybe you find some good deals and go out Black Friday shopping with your kiddos. Just complete the lesson earlier or later (ie. outside of “normal school hours”). This is all seamlessly attainable with self-paced classes. Similar to live classes, you can also find holiday themed self-paced classes that your student(s) will welcome as an addition to their ordinary schooling routine. 

Online classes, whether live or self-paced, can provide the needed flexibility for you and your student(s) during the holiday season. With this new flexibility and increased desire for learning, you and your students will be able to experience a wonderful relaxed, yet productive holiday season.

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