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One of the difficulties of homeschooling is finding the time and resources to cover all the important subjects. As a parent, you’re constantly juggling all the courses your student needs. Sometimes, this is tough to do. Often times online courses like Udemy are a great solution for striking a balance between time and educational needs.

Luckily, Luma Learn offers a wide selection of courses from experts. Course options that range from almost any subject! You have the ability to learn at your own pace. And with the flexibility of Luma Learn, learning can happen anywhere.

While many sites like Udemy offer online courses, Luma Learn is unique. Being proudly Christian, Luma Learn provides a convenient experience for homeschool parents. This means never compromising quality. Our teachers strive to offer the level of care and expertise you would give your own students. With Luma Learn’s treasure trove of affordable courses, the sky is the limit for learning!


Learn English with Luma Learn

One of the advantages of online classes is the chance to offer your students expert instruction. Find help on subjects you may not be confident to teach entirely by yourself. With Luma Learn, you now have the option to get dedicated instructors to cover any course you could need.

Luma Learn offers numerous options for courses in English like Udemy. There’s an extensive lineup of courses from the best English teachers. Options range from a general Survey of American Literature or even a King Arthur Workshop. To equip college-bound high schoolers with valuable writing skills for the future, there’s Honors Literature and Composition.

Luma Learn also offers more specific courses. Find Research Writing or even an Introduction to Linguistics. For middle schoolers, Write Your Own Novella. (This course is even offered for adults too!)


Find the Best Mathematics and Science Instructors Available

Math and science skills will serve your kids throughout their lives, offering countless career opportunities and ways to explore the world. Luma Learn makes it easier than ever to provide a thorough understanding of mathematics and science for learners. Offering an exhaustive list of Mathematics and Science course options, Luma Learn has suitable resources for any student.

Luma Learn offers ChemistryBiology, and even an Intro to Sports Medicine for science. Luma Learn could provide a full science education for all grade levels, including a course on Advanced Biology for higher-level students.

Similarly, Luma Learn offers math courses that range from options for younger learners all the way through GeometryPre-Algebra, Algebra, and even SAT Prep.

Math tutoring is another option. This course offers specialized help on any math subject, which is an invaluable resource for any homeschool.

Options for Foreign Language from Someone Fluent

Foreign Language study is challenging. However, it is also rewarding with the help of a knowledgeable instructor. Luma Learn has a multitude of options for Spanish, which includes an introduction to the language. There’s also Spanish for Families, which is a fun and educational way for everyone to improve their skills.

Check out crossover courses that provide Spanish instruction in a science setting. This is an awesome way to practice a foreign language in a practical setting.

Other languages offered include German and Latin. There’s even an option to learn American Sign Language!

Bible Study like You’ve Never Experienced Before

Obviously, Bible study is an important aspect to many homeschoolers. Did you know Luma Learn also offers Bible study classes? Taught from a Christian worldview, there are options for nurturing an interest in the Bible. Help instill kids with an engagement with the greatest Bible stories.

Also, you can find courses on Theology and Biblical Apologetics to strengthen the foundation of religious study at home.


Music and the Arts Without Limits

Who knew you could learn an instrument online? Music courses on Luma Learn concern a variety of instruments. You can take up the harpukulele, or even recorder to learn general music theory. No prior experience is required!

Want to take you or your student’s skills to the next level? Music Improvisation is an invaluable skill for more advanced players. Music is one of the best ways to bring the family together and see your hard work and practice pay off.

Not to mention, Luma Learn’s offerings for the Arts is equally impressive. Broaden your horizons with a course on Photography. Learn to crochet, or write the next Hollywood blockbuster. Another awesome option is a course on Disney STEAM, which covers a multiplicity of topics relating to the Magic Kingdom.

What do you want to learn?

Luma Learn is the easiest-to-use place to find the best courses for your homeschool. With a wealth of materials to offer, learning is now more affordable than ever. Where will your exploring take you?

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