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Luma Learn Online Summer Courses Help Children Excel


Luma Learn online summer courses help children excel in their educational journey. Whether your child is ahead or behind in a subject, the option of online summer courses can help. Online courses provide flexibility for children who need them or for those who want them.

Distance education has allowed students the opportunity to take self-paced or short-term courses to improve learning and retention. Students who take classes when they need it vice when they are told to take it have increased their possibility of success.

Studies show that the absence of practice or other reinforcement, result in skills deteriorating over time at a fast rate. There is a transition period that sets children back once they take a long break from school. If a child is behind in a particular subject, the time needed to transition can be even longer.

Therefore, online summer courses are the best way for students to maintain their learning curve throughout the summer. Children can still have time off in the summer, they only continue to keep their mind fresh and needing less of a transition when full-time schooling comes around.

The average school student in the United States goes to school for nine months out of the year, with three months off for summer vacation. Since educational stimulus is gone in the summer, kids experience something that is called summer learning loss.

Now, what do online summer courses help students with? It does the exact opposite of summer learning loss. Instead, kids are actually building on their knowledge base. Academic learning time equals achievement; it equals an excelling student.

When a child is behind, he or she can excel drastically with an online summer course. Confidence in courses that they were struggling in previously, provide a sense of accomplishment and improved attitudes for learning.

Students who want to get ahead or continue with an online summer course, can better focus on challenging courses or take courses they actually are interested in.

Online Summer courses young student learning on the computer

Either way, children are excelling; either way, your child is building on knowledge.

Luma Learn has a vast selection of online courses that are taught by excellent Christian professionals. Luma Learn provides a means for families to supplement their private, public, or homeschool curriculum. Many of their courses can fit perfectly into a summertime program.

Some Luma Learn courses are specially made to help students excel during the summer. Here are a couple of summer specific courses:

Summer Live SAT Mathematics Prep!

Taking this course in the summer will allow students maximum time to prepare for the SATs without the pressure of additional coursework. Taking the SAT is the most important test for your student if they are college bound, joining the military, or taking a trade. The Live classes last for 6 weeks — one day week, for 90 minutes. It is totally doable for the summer.

IEW Summer Course

This is an introduction to the IEW (Introduction to Excellence in Writing) method. The course includes instruction on how to make a keyword outline and how to use stylistic technique tools. The course is a Live 6-week long course, one day a week for one hour. It is a perfect introductory course for those students struggling with writing and needing extra help.

Luma Learn’s self-paced courses also help children excel during the summer. Here are a few self-paced courses your child can take:

American Sign Language for Beginners is ideal to begin the foreign language high school requirement. There are 8 lessons that last 20 minutes each. The course introduces students to the Deaf community and teaches the necessary American Sign Language skills to start connecting and communicating.

Biology Lab ONLY With Dr. Dan Sem 1 is perfect for students to focus on those difficult science labs that can bog down a schedule during the regular school year. Labs can be intense, making summer an excellent time for students to excel in a lab without other distractions. This Bio Lab has 11 self-paced lessons that last for 20 minutes and require about 1 -2 hours of work per week. 

PEMDAS to SADMEP: Intro to Algebra is a course for your student should they have needed to go back to the basics in Algebra. Why proceed to the next level in Algebra, if your child doesn’t have the foundation down? Online summer courses are great to make sure students are clear on subject foundations, before progressing to the next level.

Theology for Children: God Revealed is a great basic course to help your children “know what they believe” and to plant seeds of foundational biblical truth in your child’s heart.   If you would like your child to explore God’s Word on their own, online summer courses are great for learning God’s truth for themselves.

Introduction to Sports Medicine and courses like it, help students to explore areas of interest to determine their career or discover what they would like to do or not do in the future. If your student loves sports, this course would be great for understanding basic injuries associated with athletics. Students gain an understanding of sports medicine, various associated disciplines, and the role they play in the physically active community.

Adult & Middle School Write Your Own Novella Parts 1 & 2

These courses are designed for the student who enjoys creative writing. This is a creative writing course meaning although editing is part of a student’s experience in class, it is not the main focus. In other words, this is not a class that teaches grammar and punctuation. At the completion of parts 1 and 2, students will have a completed novella ready for publishing should they choose to do so.

Online summer courses with Luma Learn provide a fantastic opportunity for children to excel with flexible courses they need to take or just really want to take. With over 100 courses for your child to choose from, your child can take advantage of excelling in knowledge and still have enough time to enjoy a busy, fun summer.

Which online summer courses is your child looking forward to enjoying with Luma Learn?

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