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Luma Learn is an Affordable Homeschooling Online Choice


Some say that homeschooling is more expensive than public school but way less than private school. Whether you spend very little on your homeschool via public resources (i.e., internet, the library, free printables) or you purchase brand new curriculum each year, online courses are great learning alternatives. Luma Learn, as an affordable homeschooling online choice, has fantastic benefits for you and your students. 

The consensus of homeschooling parents is that the first year is when the most amount of money is spent on home education. After the first year, you realize that you have complete control over what you spend on order to make your homeschool precisely what you need it to be. 

That often means you scale drastically down from the material purchased your first year of homeschooling and adjust your budget accordingly. You begin to get a grasp what homeschooling entails, what learning styles your children are most adept to, what subjects you may need an expensive curriculum for — and which you don’t.

What you are ultimately concerned with is providing a quality education for your children.  Being frugal about homeschooling can put you in search of resources that provide education of value – without breaking the bank.

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Why use Luma Learn for affordable homeschooling online?

Luma Learn was developed with homeschooling families like yours in mind.

  1. Luma Learn understands the need for frugality alongside quality education in one robust, convenient homeschool marketplace. The company provides families with access to 200+ affordable homeschooling online courses in an environment that Glorifies God.
  2. Academics can be extremely challenging for parents as well as students. Luma Learn gives students the opportunity to take courses that parents are not able to teach themselves. 
  3. Luma Learn provides homeschool flexibility and affordability when parents need extra time, when parents need to focus on a struggling sibling, or when parents want to encourage independent learning in their children.
  4. We absolutely cannot be an expert in every subject, especially as our children get older and the subjects get more challenging. Instead of parents ignoring a subject like math or inevitably making it a bad experience for students, Luma Learn is an affordable homeschooling option.
  5. Luma Learn is exceptionally unique in that it is not a school, not a curriculum, and there are no registration fees.
  6. Luma Learn teachers develop excellent LIVE or self-paced courses and set their own prices.

Using Luma Learn as an affordable homeschooling online choice has many additional benefits.

  • Students learn to be accountable to another authority besides their parents.
  • Students learn to meet deadlines and to complete assignments on their own.
  • Student experience with classes online, prepares them for college assignments.
  • As an affordable online choice, students can take courses they are intrigued by during the summer — classes that don’t fit into their yearly schedule.

Luma Learn offers installment payment plans

Luma Learn also offers uniquely customized installment payment plans. All you need is a PayPal account, and Luma Learn will set up a customized installment payment plan based on your needs and send you a link which will be generated from PayPal.

This will be a unique link, just for you. To use this functionality, all you have to do is decide which course your student needs and fill out a simple form online.

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Luma Learn has a refund policy

Another feature to consider with Luma Learn is that there is a refund policy. The teacher either has his/her refund policy or the teachers follow Luma Learn’s recommended policy.

How many parents have curriculum around the home, they have never used or only used in a few sections. With Luma Learn’s refund policy, the pressure is off being stuck with a curriculum you will never use again.

If you can believe this, some teachers even offer classes for FREE like the How to Speak Latin: Mini-Lesson (Self-paced).

Here are some very affordable homeschooling online courses that will get your students prepared for the next school year or keep them learning through the summer:

PEMDAS to SADMEP: Intro to Algebra (Self-paced)

Math Tutoring with Mrs. Demi (Live)

Theology for Children: God Revealed (Self-paced)

Ham Radio Technician Class Licensing Course (Self-paced)

Color to Teach Unit Study 1 Ages: 6-9

Life Science-Unit 2-Living/Non-living Things (Self-paced)

Don’t miss out on these affordable homeschooling online courses for your students. If any reasons resonate with you to explore online courses, then why not try Luma Learn?

You know you won’t be spending too much and have an installment payment plan option that provides an enormous convenience for frugal homeschooling families.

Anything from Spanish to Research Writing, playing the ukulele to Linguistics – Luma Learn is an affordable homeschooling online choice for so many awesome courses.

Head over to search over 200 courses of affordable homeschooling online education resources that open up a world of opportunity for your kids.

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