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Keep Learning Fun with These Homeschool Christmas Activities

Christmas cookies

Can you see a little plastic horse pulling a toothpick sleigh over cotton ball snowy hills, backed by a snowy scene of painted flakes and trees and stars? Doesn’t that just say Jingle Bells to you? What about a little plastic solider staring up into the sky at a Christmas star on one side of the box, and a dollhouse wife looking out of the dollhouse kitchen window at the other. Couldn’t that be I’ll Be Home for Christmas? Nativity scene pieces have applications for all sorts of Christmas songs. Of all the ideas in this post, this one is my favorite.

Christmas holly

Is it The Holly or The Ivy? – A Homeschool Christmas Activity

Sticking with our carol-themed homeschool Christmas activities, why not try Christmas carol Pictionary? This would make a fun art class for sure. I can easily see your family cracking up over a reindeer that someone mistook for Santa, can’t you? Picture it: “A TURKEY on a ROOFTOP?????? What does that have to do with Christmas?!?! It’s a PARTRIDGE IN A PAIR TREE.!!!!!!!” Basically the only thing that can go wrong here is if you are a dead beat and refuse to laugh with your kids. But if your family likes each other, and are comfortable looking goofy in front of each other, it should be great fun. A bowl of snacks, or dare I say it, some soda, might put the fun mood over the top. It could also be fun to set up a white board or poster so whoever is drawing is standing while everyone else is seated around them. Then again, if your family is more on the mild side, maybe everybody should just gather around the kitchen table and draw on a pad of paper. Make sure you add a timer to keep things moving, and to really spice things up, thrown in a buzzer or Christmas bell that someone gets to blare whenever time runs out!

Christmas lights

“Christmas Lights!” – A Homeschool Christmas Activity

During December, my family always used to point out the Christmas lights as we drove through the dark nights, anticipating the joy that was to come. I think you could turn your neighbors’ light display into a homeschool Christmas activity. It’s tough for me to say for sure, because I am not of the artistic mind, but here is my idea.

Would it be possible to discuss the aesthetic created by different light displays? I’m told you can’t categorize art, and there are no objective standards to what is quality art and what isn’t, but who knows? Maybe there are principles you can discover that make a certain set of lights appeal to you. Do the right kind of lights remind you of home, perhaps? Can you tell that any light display that bright will not look nice to you at all? What would you have done to adapt what you see and try to make it better? Don’t get critical here, that would be about as unChristmas as you could get. It is supposed to be fun! Enjoy discovering some of the intricacies of what makes for good Christmas lights.

Christmas cookies

Christmas Treats – A Homeschool Christmas Activity

Edible Christmas decorations are really nothing new, but the possibilities are literally so endless that I’ve just got to mention the idea here. I found some ideas for making edible Christmas trees (WHAAAT? Christmas tree PIZZA???? My mind is blowing!!!!!). There are all sorts of options for home-made advent calendars with tasty treats inside. Edible wreaths are about as easy as any circular snack tray, but why not try to find a way to make an edible wreath you can actually hang on the wall? I am no artist – decorative or culinary – but flexible metal food skewers are available online, and once you have those you could make a wreath out of almost anything: cheese, fruit, pastry, vegetables, soft candy, or breads. If you make your wreath close enough to Christmas, you can take it down and chomp it down on Christmas morning, What fun! All sorts of home-ec class potential, too! 

Christmas gifts

The Joy of Giving – A Homeschool Christmas Activity

I should have somehow tried to work this idea into my last post on this blog. I’m afraid time may be a little short now, but every one of you need to check out Operation Christmas Child . This is a fantastic ministry with a powerful blend of charitable giving and evangelism. You pack a shoebox full of gifts designed for an age group that you choose, and you find a drop-off location. The rest is handled by OCC’s volunteers and staff. The boxes are packaged, shipped, and delivered to children all around the world. They become a tangible example of God’s love to so many needy kids and communities, and the gospel is shared in a very real way.

Luma Learn Christmas Course blog size

I know this is a busy time of year, but I also know there is no better time to share Jesus via a little extra giving. My family and I packed a shoebox full of gifts for a little girl for less than $20 dollars. It was so much fun, and my three-year-old son got a very tangible, relatable lesson in giving to those in need. It might be the sweetest thing we do the entire holiday. Please get involved in this fantastic opportunity. I would say it will bless you more than anyone else, but I can’t. After all, Operation Christmas Child brings kids to Jesus!

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