Looking for online courses for k12 homeschool? Biblical worldview?

Supplement your school or K12 homeschool curriculum with these subjects. Your student will enjoy a state-of-the-art LMS with robust functionality and unsurpassed convenience.  All live online courses utilize our modern virtual classroom through our customized platform.

Allow Luma Learn’s marketplace teachers to ease your education burden!  With online courses being offered in a variety of subjects, there is something for everyone!  Need to fill in that math requirement?  Want to get your student started on language? Does your student need a fun technology class to round out his education this year?  Are you considering learning another language? How about an online language course?  Look no further.  Shopping for online courses is as easy as point and click.

Wondering about the marketplace teachers?  We’ve thought of that as well.  All teachers are independent contractors who agree to our faith representation and have undergone a background check before they are allowed to offer online courses through the Luma Learn marketplace.  As explained in our faith representation, teachers are required to have a biblical worldview and conduct themselves in a manner worthy of Christ’s example.

Don’t see your desired online course for k12 homeschool?  Let us know!  We will pass your request on to all teachers on the Luma Learn marketplace.  If a teacher decides to take up your request, we’ll promptly let you know.

Want to teach online yourself?  Find out about all Luma Learn has to offer.  Simply click here to read about the benefits of offering your online course on Luma Learn.  It’s free to sign up for an account!