How do I leave a review for a class?

To leave a review, follow the simple instructions in this video:

What is Luma Learn?

Luma Learn is a marketplace of Christian teachers who post their online courses on our website. Courses may be live or self-paced.  Parents and students shop on the Luma Learn marketplace similar to how they’d shop on an Amazon marketplace…just point and click!  Parents and students are able (and encouraged) to read the teachers’ bio, faith journey, and background in teaching before purchasing classes.

What if I miss class?

Never fear – all our live classes are recorded and stored on the respective course page in LUMA, our learning management system.

Do I get graded?

Each teacher crafts their own grading rubric which may be found by clicking the course in our course section or if you’re already enrolled in a course, by logging into LUMA, our learning management system. Each course may have some type of homework, or assignments, or tests, or even participation points that can be earned that will all contribute to your final score. It’s totally up to the particular teacher.

Where can the parent view their student’s progress?

We now have parent accounts. Parents can view their student’s progress by logging into their account on the LMS or they may also log into their student’s account and look at their gradebook in LUMA.

What do I need in order to attend a class?

It is always best to have a decent internet connection. At least 5mbps. You can use either a Mac or Windows. We recommend that you keep your operating systems up to date, as the Virtual Classroom uses the latest technology available. The Virtual Classroom works best in Chrome or Firefox browsers and will also work on Android mobile devices. The software is being upgraded to work on Apple mobile (iOS) and the Edge (Windows 10) browser, but those are not recommended at this time. 

How much time is required for each course?

Each course is different. If it’s not listed on the actual course page, you should contact your teacher directly to find out the approximate amount of time each course would take in a given week.

Is there a set semester schedule?

Because Luma Learn is not a school, teachers are free to determine the dates and times of their own classes. However, to try and achieve a consistent experience across the platform, Luma Learn does have a suggested semester schedule that teachers endeavor to keep if possible. But please check the dates of all your courses as there may be variation across the platform.

What is your statement of faith?

Though we are not a ministry, we are “Proudly Christian” and desire that everything that happens on Luma Learn glorifies our God and Creator. Everyone here at Luma Learn feels strongly about our faith and conduct representations – so strongly that we ask not only our staff but also anyone that desires to teach on our platform to agree with them in principal and in practice. To view our faith and conduct representations, click here.

Are there conduct rules for classes?

Part of our motto at Luma Learn is that we are “Proudly Christian”. As Christians, we desire to emulate Christ in every area of our lives. As such, we desire that what happens on Luma Learn reflects Christ and brings Him glory. For teachers, our only requirement is that they adhere to Luma Learn’s faith and conduct representations (click here to view them). For students, we ask that everyone follows the Golden rule as spelled out in Luke 6:31 – “And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise.” Our prayer is that our Heavenly Father will be pleased with everything that happens on Luma Learn.

What are teacher reviews?

Teacher reviews allow parents and students to review the actual teacher. This gives subsequent parents the ability to make educated decisions on their course purchases. Parents will be better able to assess whether a certain teacher would be a good fit for their student.

Is there a refund policy?
  • At Luma Learn, we bring students and teachers together in one unique online marketplace. We are not a school, but rather a marketplace where each teacher is free to run their teaching business how they see fit. This means that teachers are free to create their own refund policy. That being said, Luma Learn does have a suggested refund policy to bring some level of consistency across the platform. Teachers that adhere to our suggested refund policy may have that noted in their bio or course page and those that don’t should spell their policy out on one of those pages. For your reference, the suggested Luma Learn refund policy is as follows:-
  • For classes that are not full but are above the class size minimum:
    • Full refund will be issued up to 7 calendar days prior to the course start date.
    • 75% refund will be issued up until and including the day following the course start date (i.e. the day following the first class)
    • No refunds will be issued 2 calendar days after the course start date and onwards.
  • For classes that are closed to new enrollment because they are full or for classes that are at or below the class size minimum:
    • A 50% refund will be issued up to 7 calendar days prior to the course start date.
    • 25% refund will be issued up until and including the day following the course start date (i.e. the day following the first class)
    • No refunds will be issued 2 calendar days after the course start date and onwards.
  • Who do I contact if I need a refund?
    • If you require a refund, please contact the course teacher first – they will communicate with us so that we can process your refund. Please note: Luma Learn cannot process any refunds without the approval of the teacher for that specific course.  
What qualifications or standards are required to teach?

Great teachers come from all walks of life, with varying backgrounds and different levels of experience. That being said, we require all teachers to undergo a background check (National Criminal Database and sex offender status) and adhere to our teachers’ faith and conduct representations (which can be viewed here). We strongly encourage our parents and students to read the teacher’s bio, faith journey, teaching background, as well as the reviews from other parents. The responsibility rests with the parent to decide on the suitability of the teacher for their student.

How do I get onto my courses?

You will simply log into your account and click My Courses.

Will online classes work from a smart phone or tablet?

Yes! Big Blue Button, our live classroom provider, has been recently updated to support usage on smart phones and tablets/iPads. 

Do you offer payment plans for your courses?

Yes! We are happy to offer installment payments for our customers. Please click here to read the details of how our customized installment payments work.  

How can I get in touch with the teacher?

Your teacher is your first point of contact for any questions you may have regarding your class. Simply log into your account, go to your course page, and you’ll find your teacher’s contact details.

Where should I go to get technical help?

We encourage students to direct questions regarding their online class environment or LUMA, our learning management system, to their teacher directly. If the issue is related to the Luma Learn site, please contact our support staff at [email protected]. We will attend to your issue as quickly as we can.

What is a live class?

A live class is really just what it says – live. You experience a live teacher along with other students, simultaneously engaging in a virtual online classroom environment. You will see the teacher and be able to interact with both the teacher and fellow students.

What if I don’t see the course I want?

If you don’t see the course you were hoping for, tell us! Click Suggest a Class and fill in the information, namely your name, suggested grade level and a description of your ideal class.  Your request will be posted in our Teacher’s Lounge. If a teacher sees enough demand and decides to offer that course, they will contact you directly.