Homeschool Marketplace for online Classes

Tina Piper CEO and founder of Luma Learn, an online marketplace for courses taught from a biblical world view

As a Christian homeschooling mother of seven, I know first hand the struggles and concerns parents have for the quality of their children’s education. Delving into the world of online homeschool classes several years ago, we quickly realized the great potential that online learning brought. We participated in various online educational opportunities, but recognized the need for one robust, convenient homeschool marketplace where classes, both long and short, could be purchased effortlessly, class reviews could be read, technical issues would be almost non-existent, and the environment would be glorifying to God. So, we set out on a mission!

As we set out, our vision grew to be much larger than a homeschool marketplace of online classes. Why not create LUMA LEARN to be a Christian marketplace for online classes of all ages and stages? We are thrilled to bring the convenience and excitement of the LUMA LEARN marketplace to you, your family, your school, or your organization.

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Tina Piper

CEO & Homeschooling Mom