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    Lily Yang came to the US from Taiwan in 1980. Her love for learning and teaching is reflected by her versatile background, education, and skills. She is an engineer by trade with executive-level management experience in diverse industries and environments. She has conducted many management and operational development seminars in the US and abroad.

     Lily is fluent in Taiwanese, Chinese, and English. Her language skills have enabled her to translate dozens of books from English to Chinese, including Purpose Driven Church and Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren, and Fresh Wind Fresh Fire by Jim Cymbala and many others. Lily voluntarily translated the
Chinese editions and all have became best-sellers in Asia.

     Lily is also a fourth-generation minister who teaches and speaks at church conferences and retreats. In response to God’s calling, she founded Kingdom Resources for Christ in 1999. This ministry conducts workshops to equip Christians for ministries and publishes KRC magazine to promote Kingdom cultures. She also founded Women Zenith in 2010, a mentoring/training program for women entrepreneurs in Asia; co-founded Fullness in Christ Fellowship, which promotes women in leadership; involved in human trafficking ministry and girls education, including a home for girls, and an elementary school and middle school for girls in Cambodia.

     Her involvement with Luma Learn began when she was on a return trip after ministering at refugee camps in the Middle East. She felt angry and helpless after seeing the terrible conditions in the camps. Lily voiced her frustration with God in her journal, “I have no money and no resources to change these things. Why don’t you care?” And she heard a voice inside say, “Can’t you really do anything?”

     Lily prayed and asked the Lord what she could do, and her thoughts turned to her friend Tina Piper and Luma Learn. A simple plan came together as she realized that virtual education could make a difference for the refugee children and many others. She called Tina and shared her plan for helping missionaries in the field, using Luma Learn, and Tina responded by asking Lily to take over her role at Luma Learn. It’s amazing how God works all things together for His good.

     Lily views virtual education as a critical tool to provide quality learning. It is the most powerful way to make changes in the lives of people. Her goal is to provide students all over the world with the best education and learning opportunities possible. Luma Learn can be a powerful platform to deliver knowledge, teaching, and ideas to the young and old, where they can learn and be transformed. 

     Lily appreciates and values the teachers and educators who are her partners and virtual education promoters. Her desire is to be able to work together with this team to make virtual learning the most beneficial and fruitful learning experiences for people around the world.

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Lily Yang