Homeschool Marketplace for online Classes

   What is Luma Learn?

Luma Learn is a marketplace of online courses all taught from teachers who profess a Biblical worldview. Online education is the key to the future and we are here to help you move toward that future with confidence. We provide a central hub where parents can connect with a plethora of teachers all offering classes at low prices!


Classes on Luma Learn

All teachers on Luma Learn choose their own class offerings. Our teachers offer a diverse variety of classes for all ages! Whether you have a high school student who needs a math course or a 1st grader who needs to learn their sight words, we have you covered!


Teachers on Luma Learn

All the teachers on Luma Learn must write a Bio and Faith Journey for you to view as the parent. Additionally, before they are approved, all teachers undergo a background check. All of our teachers choose their course offerings so that they can teach what they are most passionate about.