High School Graduation Ceremony Ideas for Homeschool Students

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Creating an event for your child’s high school homeschool graduation is like nothing else you have ever planned. A high school graduation ceremony means so much more than just a celebration. Looking back through the years of hard work, celebrating graduation with a ceremony is worth every effort to make it memorable. There are many high school graduation ceremony ideas out there to make this event as special as possible for your grad. We want to share a few with you in hopes to get your creative juices flowing.

Planning a high school graduation ceremony is not like planning a birthday party that happens every year. The stress of planning birthdays can get a bit overwhelming with the planning, the money involved, and the clean-up afterward. All the work can make you wonder if maybe the next year you should just cook their favorite meal, favorite dessert — and be done with it.

A high school graduation ceremony for your homeschool student is different. This ceremony is a once in a lifetime event that your children can cherish for the rest of their lives — truly. You will treasure it just as much.

Many parents don’t remember the hustle and bustle of planning the graduation ceremony, once it is over. Even if the planning was chaotic, all the stress goes out the window once you see your child walk down that graduation aisle. You get a flash of the last 12 or so years, and nothing compares to the joy of realizing – THEY DID IT! We did it.

When it comes to planning your homeschool student’s high school graduation ceremony, remember the joy that is set before you. Everything you choose to do for the ceremony is for the celebration of your child’s accomplishments, the family’s sacrifices, the struggle of that one subject managed to get through, and that first day you decided to homeschool — when you thought you couldn’t do it.

That is what will keep you going and wanting to celebrate with a high school graduation ceremony. There is no greater recognition for all the years and hard work of homeschooling than this.

Now — where to start? Firstly, start early. Start at least a few months before the graduation ceremony.

Next, get your student to help with their high school graduation ceremony ideas.

I put this before the actual list of ideas because it makes good sense. A great idea is to create a research assignment for your pre-grad to come up with a list of high school graduation ceremony ideas.

We can go crazy planning, but it would be best to get some ideas from the one who is graduating. They will appreciate it, even more, knowing some ideas came from them.

Here are some research questions you can ask them for high school graduation ceremony ideas:

  • Research some decorating ideas that we can do ourselves.
  • Besides using chairs, what are some creative seating arrangements for the guests?
  • What are your top three favorite punch or drink recipes for the ceremony?
  • What are your top three favorite color schemes?
  • What can we do to make the ceremony unique to you?

This research from your child, as an assignment, will give you the basis for all other ideas. Let your student know beforehand that you may not be able to do everything.

Graduation park setting location

Check out these other high school graduation ceremony ideas that your graduate will love:

Develop graduation ceremony announcements/invitations.

Easily create announcements or invitations free with Canva or order them through Vistaprint if you have an invitation budget. You can even use Microsoft Word for invites by selecting the “new document” option, type in “graduation” in the search field then choose an invitation to customize. (Not an affiliate of Canva nor Vistaprint.)

Make sure to plan your child’s graduation/senior photos well in advance of the ceremony if you are using a picture for the invitation on cardstock paper. Place one to three images on one side of the invitation and the details on the other side. Voilà! You have an instant photo memory for all your guests.

OR – you can try something a little more creative like a customized magnet or graduation-themed candy with the ceremony details on a small card. Guests will love to receive a little extra gift with their invitation.

Decide on your homeschool high school graduation ceremony location.

Location, location, location. We want this to be a special occasion. However, it also isn’t a wedding that requires you to rent an expensive venue. Is there a park around your neighborhood that has cool memories for your family or one that has beautiful landscaping? Does your local church have a place for you to rent at a low cost or for free even?

You can talk to your high school student, about offering to clean the venue after church service for a month, or something of that nature. Note: Try to reserve the site as early as possible.

You can even hold the graduation ceremony in your home or in your backyard. You can make it look beautiful and unique with a little bit of effort and imagination.

Create an atmosphere for a special high school graduation ceremony.

A few items can make a world of difference to create a special atmosphere. Lighting can change a whole room or yard with a beautiful calming ambiance. Fairy lights are an affordable way to create this mood for all the guests and your graduate.

Seating is another way you can make the homeschool graduation ceremony unique. You can use and paint some palates to go along with the color scheme. Bales of hay make an impressive seating arrangement for a homestead style feel. Crates and logs also can create an awesome feel with the right color or decorations.

If you choose to use plastic chairs, ask around your community of friends and family first, to see if they have any to spare. Even with different types of seating, simple flowers with brown string or ribbons can create a great appearance and give harmony to the space.

You cannot have a graduation ceremony without a slideshow.

I mean, you can, but slideshows are always a hit with guests, and they are special for the graduate. Take some time to gather photos of your graduating student throughout the years. Secretly, ask friends and family for photos to surprise your graduate with additional images to use on the slideshow.

Your graduate will love to see photos they have never seen before, or of forgotten memories that remind them of their high school journey.

high school graduation party

Create a high school scrapbook and/or video montage.

You can gather photos from student’s high school journey (i.e., co-op, road trips, field trips, park days, etc.) to add to a scrapbook. Lay the scrapbook out on a table at the entrance of the ceremony area for all visitors to sign. Guests can also leave a quote, words of wisdom, or encouragement for the graduate to read when the ceremony is done.

AND/OR – you can create a video montage to play for your student in the reception. The video montage can be put together by asking the men and women who had impacted student’s life to video themselves speaking into their life with words of encouragement. Stream the videos together one after the other for an effect that will be lasting for everyone in attendance but most of all, your child.

There are also a few things to ask yourself when planning your student’s high school homeschool ceremony:

  • Need a cap-gown? Google {Your State} + graduation ceremony cap and gown.
  • Need a diploma? HSLDA has a great high school graduation diploma template for you to use.
  • Will you or someone else be making a speech before your graduate walks down the aisle to receive his/her diploma?
  • Who will be handing out the diploma?
  • What music will play in the ceremony and reception? Get with your student to make a playlist. (Don’t forget to decide on the ceremony walk song.)
  • Are you making the high school homeschool graduation slightly more formal? Consider detailing the dress code in the invitation and develop a graduation program on Canva or Microsoft Word.

There are so many high school graduation ceremony ideas out there to make this event special for your student.

Have any of you already been through a homeschool high school graduation ceremony? Want to share some high school graduation ceremony ideas or tips with the Luma Learn community?

Leave some of your fun ideas in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you!

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