Spanish 2


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Course Overview

Why learn Spanish? Spanish is spoken by over 400 billion
people around the world in 21 different countries. It is the second most spoken
language in the world behind Chinese and before English. Spanish has a very
culturally rich heritage due to its wide dispersion. Imagine how many doors
could be opened to your student if they continue to perfect their ability to
speak Spanish!

Spanish is also a Romance language, which means it takes its
roots from Latin. Once a student has learned one Romance language, it becomes a
bit easier to learn another Romance language due to their shared roots and
similar structures.

During this year-long course, students will focus on
developing and expanding many of the areas learned in Spanish 1 including
vocabulary and grammatical concepts such as: pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions,
irregular verbs, preterite, imperfect, future, and compound tenses. The
imperative and subjunctive moods will be examined as well. Students will learn
about the many different Spanish-speaking cultures from around the world by
reading passages and listening to audio files which will allow them to practice
reading and listening comprehension. Students will also study Bible verses
throughout the course, which will allow them to be exposed to God’s Word in
Spanish. This will give them a base they can build on to share the Gospel with
others in the future. Students are expected to actively participate in class as
we practice the concepts being presented and engage in the lesson by asking