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School Pods and Micro-Schools: A New Take on Homeschooling

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. Well, few would argue that over the past months of 2020, our needs have changed. This is particularly the case when it comes to parents and the question of educating their kids in micro-schools and school pods. Prior to 2020, the concept of homeschooling was a fringe idea and one that was misunderstood and often ridiculed. Suddenly, with the “new normal” of this novel year, homeschooling families don’t seem so ridiculous afterall. In fact, perhaps they are really onto something. And so it goes that homeschooling has become mainstream, seemingly overnight. Yet the American family structure has largely remained the same. Over 64% of U.S. families have two working parents. The extended family and close-knit neighborhoods of the past are a rarity more often than not. Formal schooling has become a necessity not only for educational needs but also fills an important role in many cases as a form of childcare and activity for kids. The majority of Western families now have no stay-at-home parent. So the question is not just about education, but also about keeping kids safe when parents are working. And this is where pods and micro-schools come […]