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Wie geht’s? German Exploration Giveaway

Let’s kick off the 2nd semester with a giveaway! Have you always wanted to learn a new language? Here is your chance to explore the German language in a relaxed and interactive way. Thematic units will present vocabulary and grammar in an interactive way. Basic greetings and introductions, numbers, the calendar, food are some of the themed units we will explore together. Course is designed for high school students; however, middle school students are welcome as well and can be given a modified workbook while still participating in the online course. Valued at $165 this is the perfect course to introduce your middle school or high school student to the German language in a fun and interactive manner.

Learning A New Language Series – Part 2: What?

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If you haven’t already read the first blog post in this series, I recommend you do so as it will lay the framework for today’s conversation on learning a foreign language. This post will consider learning a second language; specifically, what language you should learn. Now, this answer will vary from person to person, but I’ve discovered four ways to help you decide which one is the best for you when you set out to learn a new language. These four parameters will shape our discussion for today. After talking about them, we can consider the table at the bottom to help you determine which language suits you the best. But before we do that, we must understand the four parameters: Population:  How many people speak a given language? Difficulty:  How hard is it to learn a given language? Location:  Where do people speak a given language? Others:  What are other languages students are learning? First, let’s talk about Population: When discussing learning a new language, if you’re first thought is, “Let me learn the language that most people know so I can talk to the most amount of people,” then this is a category you should pay close attention to. The three most […]

Learning A New Language Series – Part 1: Why?

According to the Washington Times, only 20% of Americans can speak more than one language, compared to 66% percent of all Europeans. Do not be a part of the disparity! You should be learning a new language! Now, maybe you find yourself asking, “OK, so most Americans can’t speak multiple languages, so what?” Well, that’s the question I’ll be answering in the first of three blog posts for Luma Learn: “why should I be learning a new language?” So, why should you?  I’ve compiled a list of the top-five reasons why one ought to be learning a new language. Let’s start with number one: Learning A New Language Helps With Other Studies As a homeschooling parent, I’m sure you feel responsible for your children’s grades, as this is what will propel them into the real world. One significant way you can increase their grades is enrolling them in foreign language classes. As Yessica Yang Choy, student at Georgetown University, wrote in her thesis, “when students reach higher-grade levels, non-English language spoken at home has a positive effect on academic performance (for both math and reading.)” While the majority of those reading this blog were probably not immersing their children in a foreign […]