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Luma Learn is an Affordable Homeschooling Online Choice


Some say that homeschooling is more expensive than public school but way less than private school. Whether you spend very little on your homeschool via public resources (i.e., internet, the library, free printables) or you purchase brand new curriculum each year, online courses are great learning alternatives. Luma Learn, as an affordable homeschooling online choice, has fantastic benefits for you and your students.  The consensus of homeschooling parents is that the first year is when the most amount of money is spent on home education. After the first year, you realize that you have complete control over what you spend on order to make your homeschool precisely what you need it to be.  That often means you scale drastically down from the material purchased your first year of homeschooling and adjust your budget accordingly. You begin to get a grasp what homeschooling entails, what learning styles your children are most adept to, what subjects you may need an expensive curriculum for — and which you don’t. What you are ultimately concerned with is providing a quality education for your children.  Being frugal about homeschooling can put you in search of resources that provide education of value – without breaking the […]

How to Take High School Classes Over the Summer

How to Take High School Classes Over the Summer

Many educational supervisors know high school-level classes are available online over the summer. However, most are unsure of how to take advantage of the opportunity. Many have thought about doing it, but we’ve never thought about how to. It’s an important question, so it should be asked: how to take high school classes over the summer? The how in “how to take high school classes over the summer” is very important. There is a right way and a wrong way to do it. Doing it wrong can not only squander the opportunity for educational fortification and development over the vacation months but can even make things more difficult during the regular school year. When done correctly, however, online summer classes can be the key to allowing your child or student’s learning journey to flourish. Step 1: Know Your Student This is the crucial step in finding out how to take high school classes over the summer, and yet it is the easiest to skip. The fact of the matter is that online summer classes will not be successful if they are forced. For some students, it is absolutely critical that the summer vacation stays a vacation. Especially if your high […]

Luma Learn Online Summer Courses Help Children Excel


Luma Learn online summer courses help children excel in their educational journey. Whether your child is ahead or behind in a subject, the option of online summer courses can help. Online courses provide flexibility for children who need them or for those who want them. Distance education has allowed students the opportunity to take self-paced or short-term courses to improve learning and retention. Students who take classes when they need it vice when they are told to take it have increased their possibility of success. Studies show that the absence of practice or other reinforcement, result in skills deteriorating over time at a fast rate. There is a transition period that sets children back once they take a long break from school. If a child is behind in a particular subject, the time needed to transition can be even longer. Therefore, online summer courses are the best way for students to maintain their learning curve throughout the summer. Children can still have time off in the summer, they only continue to keep their mind fresh and needing less of a transition when full-time schooling comes around. The average school student in the United States goes to school for nine months […]

3 Reasons Summer Online Courses Benefit High School Students

3 reasons to take summer courses for high school students LL blog

You will be surprised at how many high school students decide to take advantage of summer online courses. Some homeschooling families view school during the summer as being taboo. Summers are sacred, it is free time — it is downtime. However, it may be worth exploring these 3 reasons summer online courses benefit high school students. It is more doable than you might think. Summer online courses are becoming increasingly popular for both homeschoolers and traditional school students alike. Although summer is viewed as a time to unwind or have a break, many students are starting to reap the benefits of sacrificing a few hours a day for summer online courses in high school for several reasons. When considering summer online courses for high school, there a few things to consider to ensure it is right for your student. When considering summer online courses for high school, your student should be able to: Clearly, understand how summer online courses for high school will benefit them personally. They need to have a stake in this, they need to have buy-in, or it just won’t work. Be self-motivated to pursue the course and complete it. Determine if they want to take an […]

Senior Year To-Do List Makes Graduation a Breeze

young male high school student getting ready to graduate

As you sit down to read this article, you probably cannot believe your child is reaching the end of their homeschool journey. It is almost surreal to think that the time has come for your student to transition to adult life. You may feel as if they are not ready or they may be super prepared. Whatever the case may be, the best way to prepare for the year is with a senior year to-do list to keep everything on track and organized. Remember that you may be nervous about your student’s senior year, but your senior may be even more nervous. There are so many decisions they need to make, and their transition may not be smooth. Modeling a calm and positive demeanor as your child progresses through the year, may help them more easily face any anxiety or insecurity that may arise. If your student is college bound, there are some steps to take that are necessary. I want to share a senior year to-do list that can be useful along the way. Note: We understand that some students are not college bound, or some students intend on taking a gap year. In this case, glean from what […]

High School Graduation Ceremony Ideas for Homeschool Students

Male graduating high school

Creating an event for your child’s high school homeschool graduation is like nothing else you have ever planned. A high school graduation ceremony means so much more than just a celebration. Looking back through the years of hard work, celebrating graduation with a ceremony is worth every effort to make it memorable. There are many high school graduation ceremony ideas out there to make this event as special as possible for your grad. We want to share a few with you in hopes to get your creative juices flowing. Planning a high school graduation ceremony is not like planning a birthday party that happens every year. The stress of planning birthdays can get a bit overwhelming with the planning, the money involved, and the clean-up afterward. All the work can make you wonder if maybe the next year you should just cook their favorite meal, favorite dessert — and be done with it. A high school graduation ceremony for your homeschool student is different. This ceremony is a once in a lifetime event that your children can cherish for the rest of their lives — truly. You will treasure it just as much. Many parents don’t remember the hustle and […]

How to Graduate High School Early with Online Courses

how to graduate high school early, multiple students graduating

Graduating from high school early in the public school system is almost unheard of. There is a strict curriculum, and not many students can steer too far away from the set number of credits and state public school requirements. Entering into the homeschooling arena, parents begin to drift from the public school mindset and embrace the freedom that homeschooling allows for their child’s education. An option available to homeschoolers is the opportunity to graduate high school early.  Here are tried and true options on how to graduate high school early with online courses. You may find yourself having discussions with your homeschooling students about the possibility of graduating high school early. Most parents’ first response is a plain, “No.”  We can all agree that the “No” comes from many legitimate places. When parents think of graduating their children early, a flurry of thoughts rush to mind. Some parents may feel homeschooling is already chaotic, therefore getting a student to complete their requirements in less time may seem too overwhelming – even impossible.  If your student is already struggling but wants to finish school early, you may feel like you have failed. You may feel like they are just being lazy […]

Grow Your Musical Education with Online Music Courses

Young musicians in music education class

Online music courses are a lifesaver for many homeschoolers. Today, it is even possible to study music via the internet. Before they could be completed affordably online music courses were difficult for many to incorporate into their home education. Classes could be expensive and it might be difficult to find local musicians offering lessons. Luckily, finding online music courses is not a struggle anymore. If you’re like most, you want to give your students the best education possible. Unfortunately, life often gets in the way. Sometimes there just isn’t enough time in a day to juggle yet another activity. Also, the cost is a big factor, especially if you have multiple learners to attend to. Did you know your student can take music courses online? Today, the options are limitless for music instruction. The best part is, your student can take affordable music courses online from anywhere — even at home! Find numerous options for music courses online at Luma Learn. Here are some ways you can benefit from these course offerings. Discover a New World with Music Education An advantage of homeschooling is the extra ability you have to introduce your children to wonderful new things such as music education. One of […]

3 Ways to Keep a Flexible Christmas Homeschool Schedule


All of the sudden November is here and you realize the holidays have just crashed your daily homeschool party. Your kids haven’t opened their school books this week, and you’re overwhelmed at the thought of catching them up on their learning as each day goes by. The Christmas season has a way of weighing you down with enough guilt to sink a ship, doesn’t it? All you want to do is keep your head above water, the kids alive, and juggle the holiday shopping, baking, and event planning. Somewhere in the midst of this chaos…SCHOOL! We still have lessons to complete in the midst of our Christmas homeschool schedule. Did you know the Christmas season offers the best hands-on learning opportunities and character-building moments?  You should never have to feel guilty for skipping the school books during the holidays. Here are 3 ways you can use your crazy daily schedule to create a flexible schedule for the kids that keeps them learning, productive and growing in character during this time of year. Shopping Lessons: Flexible Christmas Homeschool Schedule No matter how much you want to avoid the over commercialized aspect of Christmas, you find yourself there anyway. Whether you are shopping […]

The Homeschool Socialization Paradox

Responsibility & Cooperation In Kids onine course on luma learn taught by scott turansky

“All the fear in the world doesn’t prevent death – it prevents life.” Leonore Skenazy He walks into the room, shoulders hunched over. Despite living in sunny 80 degree weather, today he is wearing a jacket that covers his head. I can’t really see my cousin’s face very well. He barely whispers a “hello” back when I greet him in my kitchen. I ask if he’s found a job yet or decided to pursue any further training or education, after all, he finished high school more than eight years ago but somehow time has stood still for him. He has many excuses as to why no job is the right job for him. Since he has been studying Portuguese at home for the last four years, he thinks he has to move across the world to Portugal where he will find the magic job waiting for him. Our entire city, never mind the state or country is just not a safe culture or place for him to find the right job. True story. This is the story of one of my cousin, a sheltered homeschooler, whose mother chose to homeschool him after he was being picked on by other children […]