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Keep Learning Fun with These Homeschool Christmas Activities

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Can you see a little plastic horse pulling a toothpick sleigh over cotton ball snowy hills, backed by a snowy scene of painted flakes and trees and stars? Doesn’t that just say Jingle Bells to you? What about a little plastic solider staring up into the sky at a Christmas star on one side of the box, and a dollhouse wife looking out of the dollhouse kitchen window at the other. Couldn’t that be I’ll Be Home for Christmas? Nativity scene pieces have applications for all sorts of Christmas songs. Of all the ideas in this post, this one is my favorite. Is it The Holly or The Ivy? – A Homeschool Christmas Activity Sticking with our carol-themed homeschool Christmas activities, why not try Christmas carol Pictionary? This would make a fun art class for sure. I can easily see your family cracking up over a reindeer that someone mistook for Santa, can’t you? Picture it: “A TURKEY on a ROOFTOP?????? What does that have to do with Christmas?!?! It’s a PARTRIDGE IN A PAIR TREE.!!!!!!!” Basically the only thing that can go wrong here is if you are a dead beat and refuse to laugh with your kids. But […]

3 Tips for Homeschool Holiday Lesson Planning


Holiday lesson planning can seem daunting, especially at this busy time of year. Suddenly the holidays are upon us, and the thought of keeping up with schoolwork is overwhelming. Sometimes it seems impossible to catch up with everything that you feel you need to…and you need help. Of course, the fall months are a wonderful time for family gatherings and good food, but they often get hectic when you’re juggling schoolwork too. Planning for the holidays is enough work on its own. You may travel to visit relatives, or you might even host Thanksgiving at your home. How does one balance all of this with the full-time job of being a homeschool parent? As a homeschooler, your duties go beyond just being a parent — you’re also your child’s teacher. As important as holidays are, no one wants to neglect the educational aspect of their homeschool. Luckily, with planning, it is possible to keep up with schoolwork during the holidays, and even use the holiday festivities for learning opportunities. Homeschool Holiday Lesson Planning: Work together Thanksgiving and Christmas are times for gathering. It is tempting to take “snow days” and skip school to relax and enjoy family get-togethers. Thankfully, you don’t need […]

5 Alternatives to Traditional Homeschool Christmas Lessons

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I cannot wait until after Thanksgiving to pick my gifts for the people on my list. To do it right takes time, so I get started early. The same can be said for homeschooling. You need to prepare in advance. Therefore, this is your official authorization to begin planning for your homeschool Christmas lessons now, before Thanksgiving ends. In that, however, you have a problem. The closer it gets to Christmas, the less everyone wants to do school (except if you find some really cool short courses like this 3 week, LIVE English course on Dickens’ A Christmas Carol for 6th-8th graders). Well, you are the boss of your child’s education, remember? So rather than becoming a course-schedule Nazi, liven up the season – and possibly your child’s enthusiasm for learning – with some unique and fun homeschool Christmas lessons! 1. Study the Obscure Christmas Passages Your kids are probably anticipating Luke 2 and the story of the wisemen. Switch things up on them a little with some passages that have a lot to say about Christmas but may not occur to them as “Christmas passages.” Try Hebrews 2, or think about John 1:1-14: In the beginning was the Word, […]

The Joy of the LORD

Christmas Joy? As the Christmas season rolls around, we are surrounded by banquets, presents, and fellowship. But in the midst of the business of the season,  we constantly hear someone reminding us to, “Remember what Christmas is all about.  It is a season of joy.”  Then we sing along to the Christmas carol Joy to the World.  However, when we try to stay in the “Christmas spirit”, it seems that it is more about happiness than about joy of the Lord.  Believe it or not, there is a big difference. Joy Versus Happiness Now I am well persuaded that some might be a little confused about the difference between joy and happiness.  Let me try to explain.  When you receive that gift you had been wanting for a while, you are happy. It is an excitement based on circumstances. Joy is waking up every morning and choosing to be thankful for what God has blessed you with.  Happiness is a feeling; joy is an attitude.   Happiness lifts our spirits in the moment; joy lifts our spirits constantly.  If I could sum it up best, though, happiness comes automatically when the circumstance comes; joy is a choice we have to […]

Thanksgiving, Our Christian Heritage

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving History and Geography Thanksgiving time has rolled around again!  I am quite excited because the first thing that crosses my mind, like usual, is the food!  But amidst the wonderful conversations, family fun, –and food — that thanksgiving brings,  sometimes we forget the foundational beginnings of the special holiday.  We all know that the Pilgrims started the Thanksgiving tradition, but sometimes we forget the real story.  When I do take the time to study, though, I have found that Thanksgiving history and the story of the Pilgrims contains valuable life lesson and keeps my thanksgiving perspective straight.     The Cry for Religious Freedom During the age of the Reformation, there were many different camps of reformers.  All had the common desire to detach themselves from the Catholic church, but they struggled to agree on how to go about it. The Anglican church, or the Church of England began only because Henry VIII disagreed with the pope about the integrity of his six different marriages.  Consequently, Henry’s church was quite state oriented, if you will, and exercised complete   control over all Christians in England.  There was a group of English Christians whose disapproval led them to cultivate a desire to separate […]