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5 Popular Reasons to Homeschool

If you are considering homeschooling your children, you might be concerned about a few things including academic success and socialization to name a few. These 5 popular reasons to homeschool will address your concerns and much more. Luma Learn is here to support students and at every step along their educational journey. Whether you are homeschooling or seeking additional education for a private or public school student, we have a wide selection of courses to meet all of your academic needs. 1.       Concern for Academic success Statistics show, over and over, that the students with the highest scores on standardized tests are homeschoolers. Homeschooling allows for individualized attention from teachers, in schedules, and in areas of focus. Much like a personal health coach, the personalization of homeschooling gives you the ability to thrive by meeting individual educational needs with individualized methods. 2.       Good homeschooling experience By now, a lot of homeschoolers are the second generation. While many of us are homeschooling differently than our parents, we are carrying over principles that were blessings to us as children. You can usually judge a movement by its second generation, and homeschooling certainly passes that test. 3.       Concern for the physical, spiritual, and academic quality of other educational options […]

Online Homeschool Electives for Budget Conscious Families

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Homeschoolers spend years discerning what courses are necessary for a strong educational foundation for their children. Each year, parents plan for classes that will bring about the maximum amount of learning. We make sure core subjects are covered and that our students clearly grasp concepts. When students reach the secondary grades, they have an option to select online homeschool electives to provide a new dynamic and an array of possibilities in their education. Usually, when we think of a well- balanced curriculum, it often times includes math, reading, science, history, and language arts. We provide homeschool lessons in these subjects in a systematic manner so they increasing learn more year after year. Children seldom have a choice in the matter. As your children get older, the idea of taking electives becomes increasingly intriguing to them. Deciding what electives to take, helps encourage independence and accountability in your students. They are finally able to select a course of their own and be responsible for succeeding in the choice they have made. Online homeschool electives provide an excellent option for students as they are completing their high school requirements. Many times the school year doesn’t allow for electives, and children can take […]

Benefits of Summer Online Courses for Students

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If you think it’s impossible for your children to take online courses in the summer, you may want to take a moment to reconsider. There are many benefits of summer online courses for students that may pique their interests. When I first contemplated having my children take summer online courses, I thought it wouldn’t go over so well with them. Honestly, school is a struggle at times. Maybe you have that one student, like I do, who is just not too fond of “school.” It happens.  The reasons I chose to introduce summer online courses to my three children were very different for each one of them. The same may be likely for you.  For my eldest, the reason was easy. My eldest was already was taking a lighter load throughout the year, and homeschooling year-round. We started homeschooling her in high school. She was motivated to graduate early, and summer online courses made good sense for us all. My second oldest is a bookworm and enjoys taking reading or literature summer online courses. Then there is my son. He takes summer online courses because he needs them. He doesn’t need a massive load of courses like the rest of […]

High School Graduation Checklist to Help Your Student

After years of hard work and countless obstacles while homeschooling, helping your child prepare for high school graduation is huge. It means much more than just developing a high school transcript. To ensure your student is ready, explore this high school graduation checklist. The years fly by. It is hard to imagine that the child you were helping to tie his shoes or memorize the multiplications table now needs to prepare for the end of their homeschool journey. As hard as it may be as we realize the time is fast approaching, we can also be incredibly proud to have withheld the struggles that come along with home education. We can easily equip ourselves with an organizational system to prepare for wrapping up homeschool with a high school graduation checklist to make sure no stone is left unturned. We can worry and worry that we missed something, or we can keep the information handy as you trek along. Many homeschoolers may worry about their state high school graduation requirements when the reality is that most states don’t have ANY homeschool high school graduation requirements. States have public school graduation requirements, but those do not apply to homeschoolers. That ruffles the […]

The Best Online Community Resources for Online Students

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For students who complete their studies online, it is important to be part of a community. Seeing others face-to-face is a valuable way to increase a student’s engagement with their studies. Plus, interaction with others with online community resources is a great way to make school feel less like work. Thankfully, the internet offers a wealth of online community resources for online students. Now, it is possible for students to get personable interaction at home or out of the house. Here are some of the online community resources you can find to help liven your online learning experience. Learn music and share your skills with others Music is a big part of many homeschools. This is for good reason, too. Learning a musical instrument or improvisation equips students with valuable skills and teaches a disciplined work ethic. Not to mention, it’s fun! Practicing and honing one’s skills through an online course makes this an excellent online community resource that provides a multitude of benefits for students. Even a fairly basic instrument such as the recorder instills general music principles that can be transferred to other instruments. With musical skills, students can share their music at family gatherings. Students might even volunteer […]

Why Real-Life Community Support for Online Students is Important

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With online education, one of the benefits is the ability to learn remotely. There are tons of resources out there to help you on your journey. These days, the internet makes it easier than ever to learn from home. But the risk of this is the temptation to forgo community support for online students. If online students lack community support, they are missing a valuable aspect to their education. Unfortunately, being isolated is one of the biggest pitfalls of online learning. While online learning is now easier than ever, the community aspect of learning is sometimes equally important. There are plenty of benefits to having real-life community support for online students. By staying connected, students have the ability to gain a well-rounded educational experience. Whether a homeschooler or after-school learning, online classes enrich one’s educational journey and provide a full education that will aid a student throughout their lifetime. This is especially true when students’ online coursework is balanced with community support. Like teachers, classmates are also a valuable aspect of learning. Getting involved with others outside of class is an important key to success in online courses. Community support for online students leaves a lasting impact that makes their studies […]

3 Benefits to Online English Courses

Online english courses make high school easy for homeschool students

Online English courses are an outstanding option to improve written English language skills. In fact, learning English online offers three distinct advantages over more mainstream educational opportunities.  First, online English classes give you an opportunity to narrow your focus on a specific area of study. The study of a language encompasses a pretty broad spectrum of subjects, and it can be difficult to determine, let alone locate, the sort of English learning you need. Are you looking for grammar, literature, or composition? Are you looking to learn essay writing, research writing, or commercial writing? Are you looking for education on spoken English, or will you need to learn how to diagram a sentence? Sometimes, “English” courses in a more mainstream educational setting try to cover so much, that they don’t really teach you anything. Here’s where online English courses, like those offered on Luma Learn, can help you.  Luma Learn online English courses are very specific. There is one class for public speaking specifically and a separate class for high school literature and composition – and one for research writing and one on writing for publication! Sometimes general education courses can be a little lacking in focus to enable your […]

Online Science Courses Offer Educational Flexibility


Online science courses are a great place to go to find the flexibility you need to maximize your child’s educational opportunities. If you’ve ever listened to a homeschooler explain why they decided to make such a “weird” choice in education, you’ve no doubt heard a pitch about the flexibility homeschool offers. Your friend wasn’t lying: homeschooling does indeed offer flexibility far beyond anything conventional schooling can offer. As a parent, you are uniquely positioned to know your child’s specific educational needs and strengths, not to mention personality traits and social and emotional history. Even if you are not personally playing the part of educator – as many homeschool parents do – you are supervising and personalizing your child’s educational path with nothing but the needs of your child and family in mind. Because you do not have to consider an entire class (or directives from an educational board, curriculum, or government), you can create a plan that is best for that child specifically. This powerful advantage is made obvious in science class. Even the flexibility of scheduling, as simple as it sounds, creates a distinct advantage. Think of your own history in conventional schooling, or the stories you hear from […]

Three Benefits to Choosing Online Math Courses

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Math. Unless you are one of those blessed, remarkable, miraculous few who enjoy and are good at it, math may be one of the single greatest fears of homeschooling parents everywhere. These fears are so common that online math courses are growing in popularity. “I was fine with math until they added letters!” “I barely survived it in school, how in the world am I supposed to teach it?” “Math?!?! I finished my last math class ten years ago! There is no way I can remember it now! And besides . . . [sob] I hate math!!!!” Any of this sound familiar? As I face the transition from lifelong homeschool student to a homeschool parent myself, these are fears that haunt the deepest recess of my most troubled dreams. Despite all our principled furor about how “every parent is qualified to homeschool their child!” many of us are downright afraid to try it with mathematics. Thankfully, there are a wealth of resources available to you online that can not only get your kids through but help them thrive. With that in mind, let’s look at my favorite online learning hub – Luma Learn! You can find online math classes at Luma […]

Luma Learn Options for Online Courses like Udemy


One of the difficulties of homeschooling is finding the time and resources to cover all the important subjects. As a parent, you’re constantly juggling all the courses your student needs. Sometimes, this is tough to do. Often times online courses like Udemy are a great solution for striking a balance between time and educational needs. Luckily, Luma Learn offers a wide selection of courses from experts. Course options that range from almost any subject! You have the ability to learn at your own pace. And with the flexibility of Luma Learn, learning can happen anywhere. While many sites like Udemy offer online courses, Luma Learn is unique. Being proudly Christian, Luma Learn provides a convenient experience for homeschool parents. This means never compromising quality. Our teachers strive to offer the level of care and expertise you would give your own students. With Luma Learn’s treasure trove of affordable courses, the sky is the limit for learning! Learn English with Luma Learn One of the advantages of online classes is the chance to offer your students expert instruction. Find help on subjects you may not be confident to teach entirely by yourself. With Luma Learn, you now have the option to get […]