Are You Homeschooling K-12 Students?

We know how difficult the k-12 homeschooling journey can be. We are right there in the midst of it ourselves. In the past, we have spent countless hours scouring websites, attending homeschool conventions, and perusing various curriculums.

It seemed we were not alone. Whenever we would talk with other parents who were homeschooling their children, we found they were just as nervous, upset, and frustrated as we were. We often felt as though others knew things that we didn't. Have you felt like that? Well we’re here to tell you not to worry!

It certainly is a blessing that homeschooling has grown so much that we now have incredible amounts of opportunities for k-12 homeschooling that weren't there previously. But with more opportunities comes increased anxiety that we’re missing out on something. Sometimes that anxiety can lead us to fill our schedules with too much.

Years ago I realized that I was striving to be wonder woman, both in my home and in my homeschooling. I realized that my pride prevented me from utilizing great resources that were out there because I thought I could do something better myself.

It hit me one day that if we truly believe that God has gifted every individual with unique talents, then why not utilize other people (and their God-given gifts) in our children's education? Our children actually gain wonderful insights when learning from others who are passionate about their area of expertise. So that’s when Luma Learn began - with the realization that my children could take classes online from experts in the field (who held our same worldview) while still being in our home. Our world opened up.

We became passionate about helping other parents on their own k-12 homeschooling journey. And that’s precisely what this blog is about. So take your time, grab a cup of tea, and read some encouraging and helpful advice from other experienced moms who are walking the homeschool journey right alongside you.