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Benefits of Summer Online Courses for Students

Student taking a summer online course at a Computer

If you think it’s impossible for your children to take online courses in the summer, you may want to take a moment to reconsider. There are many benefits of summer online courses for students that may pique their interests.

When I first contemplated having my children take summer online courses, I thought it wouldn’t go over so well with them. Honestly, school is a struggle at times. Maybe you have that one student, like I do, who is just not too fond of “school.” It happens. 

The reasons I chose to introduce summer online courses to my three children were very different for each one of them. The same may be likely for you. 

For my eldest, the reason was easy. My eldest was already was taking a lighter load throughout the year, and homeschooling year-round. We started homeschooling her in high school. She was motivated to graduate early, and summer online courses made good sense for us all.

My second oldest is a bookworm and enjoys taking reading or literature summer online courses. Then there is my son. He takes summer online courses because he needs them. He doesn’t need a massive load of courses like the rest of the school year. However, he does need to keep his mind engaged with lessons that aren’t too long.

I found that, for him,  a course or two in the summertime made the transition to a regular homeschool year much smoother. He still was able to enjoy his school breaks; they were just a little shorter.

For our family, summer online courses work well. As a work-at-home mom, summer online courses provide me with the quiet time I need to get work done and not feel as though I am taking time away from my children.

Explore some benefits of summer online courses that I have found through the years, then decide if summer online courses may be right for your homeschool.

Male student taking a summer online course at a Computer

Summer online courses can bridge the summertime gap.

Getting children back in the swing of school after two months off can be a struggle. Education- free summers can set your child behind — and sometimes our children cannot afford that, academically.

Research has shown that it can take four to six weeks to get kids back up to speed when taking summers off and beginning school in the fall. For studious students, this may not be that much of an issue, but for struggling students, this can cause much frustration for both parents and students alike.

Summer online courses allow students extra help for subjects needing reinforcement.

For instance, students who have difficulty in math can take summer online courses to keep what they have learned fresh in their minds. 

When I first began homeschooling my son, I noticed significant gaps in his learning. After struggling to keep him on track with multiplication and division, I found I had to backtrack to the basics. His assigned summer online course for mathematics helped solidify his knowledge base, therefore making his transition to the next level attainable the upcoming school year.

Summer online courses allow motivated middle school students to get a head start on high school courses. 

Homeschooling allows our students the flexibility to take their time on a challenging course or breeze through courses if they want to. For those students who are college or trade school bound, there may be a focus for them – from them – to complete their studies early. 

Summer courses allow students the ability to tack on credits early on with hopes to finish high school early or even finish high school with a certificate or associates degree. 

Summer online courses can lighten the load for homeschooling parents.

Online courses aren’t entirely hands-off. Parents need to stay involved and abreast of student progress. However, summer online courses can provide a break from lesson planning and one-on-one lessons. 

Although a student’s mind can be ready for learning throughout the year, parents surely can use a break and summer online courses provide that healthy median.

Young female student taking a summer online course at a Computer

Summer online courses can provide enrichment classes for your child’s interests.

During the year, your homeschool load may be filled to the brim. With field trips, core subjects, and extracurricular activities, it can be challenging to add some courses that intrigue your child.

Does your child love the arts? Do they enjoy the ocean or jungle, yet you weren’t able to expand further on these topics due to time constraints? Summer courses can fill that need and let your children study topics they are interested in.

My daughter loves to read; however, our homeschool year doesn’t allow her to expand on the type of reading she enjoys. Therefore, online courses to keep her mind active in literature and creative writing is always a win/win.

Online courses can be an extremely valuable experience in your child’s educational journey. While they are young, they keep your child’s mind fresh and learning new things. 

Whether you are exploring summer online courses for educational enrichment or to help with your struggling student, the benefits are undeniable. 

The online courses do not have to last the entire summer. They can be broken up into parts, last only a few weeks, or may only last an hour or so per day. This flexibility leaves plenty of room for and time for summertime fun and activities.

Have you ever considered summer courses for your student? We are curious to find out how your homeschool journey involved summer online courses and if they worked well with your homeschool. Feel free to leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

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