Benefits of Online Courses for High School Students

online courses for high school student

The face of education is changing as more and more families choose online course options for their child’s education. The popularity of online courses for high school students in particular is growing at a rapid pace. A recent report states that 84% of all students enrolled in online courses are grades 9-12. The landscape of online education is without a doubt changing. Our job as parents is to explore all options so that our children can receive the best education possible. Knowing the benefits of online courses for high school students could help your child succeed.

7 Benefits of Online Courses for High School Students

Self-Paced Courses

Online high school courses allow students to work on their coursework at their individual pace. Some students learn faster or slower than average or have a particular affinity for a subject which makes self paced courses an excellent option for these students. When a high school student takes an online course they are no longer required to keep pace with their public school classmates. High school students may find a new love for learning when they can learn at their own pace. 

Here at Luma Learn we have a wide selection of self-paced online courses for high school students.

Personal Attention

Online courses typically have fewer students than a traditional classroom so high school students receive personal attention for their individual learning needs. All of our Luma Learn high school courses offer personal attention to meet the needs of our high school students. Our teachers are personally invested in the success of their students, even in our self-paced high school courses.

If your high school student has special learning needs, disabilities, odd learning schedules because of athletics, is working or is pursuing a passion like the arts outside of the home online courses and the personal attention they allow is an excellent option for their education.

young lady graduating from high school enjoyed the benefits of online courses for high school students

Early Graduation

When a high school aged student is able to take courses at their own pace and are in a program that meets their individual learning needs early graduation is a strong possibility. This option is particularly helpful for academically advanced students. Online high school courses for high school students are not limited to only core subjects, electives are also offered only for a complete and well rounded high school education.

Technical Advantage

Since online high school courses use a learning management system or other online interactive platform which includes discussion boards, video, audio etc., students gain an online technical advantage to their peers that do not take online courses.

Customized Curriculum

The small class size of online high school courses makes customizing curriculum to meet each individual student’s need possible. If a student has a particular affinity for a subject the teacher can quickly and easily recommend additional learning resources to add to their educational experience.  Likewise, if a student is struggling, the online teacher can customize the assignments to accommodate the student’s needs. Each of our Luma Learn teachers are personally invested in their students and want to see each of them succeed to their fullest potential.

Full-Time Access

Online course teachers have not only smaller class sizes but greater availability to help their students. Most online teachers check their messages, student assignments, and address any concerns in a very short amount of time, especially compared to public school teachers who have hundreds of high schools students to teach every day and limited availability outside of school hours. Greater access to your student’s teacher means that the student’s needs, questions, and feedback on assignments happens at a faster pace than traditional classrooms.

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Account for Missing Credits

For all of the reasons stated above, if your high school student is missing credits for graduation, online courses are an excellent option for on-time graduation. 

Online courses offers tremendous flexibility for students without the pressure and stress of a traditional classroom. You can give your child the education they need and deserve without all of the hassle of a public school through online courses. 

Which of these benefits of online high school courses appeals to you and your student the most?

Luma Learn offers a complete selection of online courses for high school in live and self-paced course options. Check out our course selections! New courses are added regularly.

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