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Benefits of Live Online Homeschool Courses with Luma Learn

Student taking a live online homeschool course

Many educational supervisors outside the mainstream of American schooling value the enormous benefits of self-paced educational opportunities. This is particularly true with homeschooling parents. That the ability to set the schedule for your child’s classes offers advantages is undeniable. However, many educators and students from all forms of schooling also insist that there is something valuable about live online homeschool courses.

Benefits of Live Online Homeschool Courses

1. Don’t Be Late for Live Online Courses

    The first benefit of live online homeschool courses is one with which homeschool families tend to struggle: timeliness. It is equal parts frustrating and funny, but so many homeschoolers simply aren’t used to living life to someone else’s schedule. Live online homeschool courses, however, do have a schedule that your student must adhere to, and can thereby give them practice at living in a world that is obsessively dedicated to an external schedule – and an often hectic one at that. 

When the parents are leading a class, it is not a problem if something comes up and work gets delayed until tomorrow. When you are paying someone else to teach your child, however, and you will lose teaching time per dollar if you are late, you are much more likely to be on time.

It is true that many homeschoolers value the pace of life homeschooling gives them, but if your children are ever going to work outside their own home, they have to be able to get themselves from point A to point B on time. What better way to cultivate this skill than with live online homeschool courses!

Mrs. Debra Demi teaching an online live homeschool math course at Luma Learn

2. Online Math Courses Made Easy

It might be the most common hidden fear of all homeschooling parents, especially on the high school level. For many, it is in math. For others, it might be biology or chemistry. Perhaps it is in grammar or composition classes. It seems every homeschooling parent faces that subject – the subject that they struggled with so mightily in school ourselves, and in which they struggle equally as a teacher. They may not want to admit it, but every homeschooling parent pines for someone who actually knew about what they are currently trying to teach at least once in their teaching careers.

The benefits of live online homeschool courses here are obvious. Since these classes actually come by the class rather than the semester or unit, help can be sought in very specific doses. That is when you choose to live online homeschool courses you can choose what subject your student is receiving help in.

There are less obvious advantages that may be even more valuable, however. Online classes tend to be smaller than those in mainstream schooling. Additionally, the teachers are usually in charge of their own schedule (at Luma Learn, they always are!). This means the teacher has the ability to give more attention to each student, and increased flexibility to help meet their needs.

In many mainstream school settings, a classroom is like an automatic, pilotless train. Get on, stay on, and get off all on time, or you get left behind – or run over! But in the live online scholastic setting, children can avoid such a painful encounter with a faceless district schedule. Instead, they can thrive in an intimate, personal, and safe educational setting where their voice is heard and their questions are answered.

Mrs. Ashley Stickel teaching an online live spanish course with Luma Learn

3. Seeing the Passion in Online Teacher’s Eyes

    Closely connected to the fact that all teachers struggle to understand certain subjects is the fact that all teachers struggle to enjoy certain subjects. In mainstream schooling, teachers chose in some form or another what subjects they teach. It is often called their area of expertise, and, hopefully, it is closely tied to what they enjoy teaching. Homeschool teachers, however, have no such luxury. They are forced to find a way to teach every subject they have chosen or are required to include in their child’s education. History class sometimes has a reputation for being boring, but just imagine how much so if it was taught by a teacher who could care less for all those “names and dates!” It is a fact that it is hard for a lesson to be interesting to students if it is not interesting to the teacher.

    Live online homeschool courses, however, rarely suffer from this problem. People who take the time to create a class on Luma Learn don’t bother to create a class in a subject they have no interest in. These classes are born out of years of experience and a passion for the content. This makes all the difference when it comes to looking for a meaningful and interesting educational experience. And remember, these classes are live, so your student can see the joy emanating from the teacher first-hand and have a good chance of catching onto that joy. There is nothing so infectious as passion!

4. Make Online Friends in Your Courses

    If you have homeschooled, or even considered homeschooling, for any length of time, you have heard the complaint. It is usually the first concern on the minds and lips of people who may not be extremely excited about your educational choice for your family: what about socialization? There are a lot of very good answers to this question, and here is just one: live online homeschool courses provide a platform of social interaction uniquely suited to the 21st-century child.

    It is no secret that modern youngsters do a great deal of relating via mediums other than personal, face-to-face interaction. Your children are probably native to “online friendships.” Even if you don’t consider an online relationship a “real” friendship, your children probably do. They are also likely to consider their online classmates to be real classmates. Luma Learn has a great online learning platform.

It is within the teacher’s power to create a very interactive learning atmosphere and not just interaction between teacher and pupil. Taking a self-paced course is a truly one-pupil situation. In a live course, the potential for all the camaraderie and cooperative spirit of a brick-and-mortar classroom is not only strong but packaged in a format very palatable to your children.

    The accessibility of expert and passionate teachers, the structure of an external schedule, and even opportunities for social interaction are all advantages of live online homeschool courses. As I hope you know by now, Luma Learn offers all of these advantages and more in their great selection of classes. Take advantage of these summer months to see how live online homeschool course could help your student through their own personalized educational journey!

Be sure to check out our complete list of live online homeschool courses today!

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