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Back to School Hacks for Homeschoolers

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The start of the school year brings a renewing atmosphere. The struggles of the past years are long gone, and the idea of a fresh start to your homeschool seems quite appealing. The time has arrived to organize, plan, and get our students geared up for learning! Get ready for your school year with these back to school hacks for homeschoolers you absolutely won’t want to miss.

Back to school is just as exciting for homeschoolers as it is for traditional school students. It is just as thrilling to get new school supplies and clothes for homeschool kids as it is for others. However, just like traditional school families, homeschooling families are on a tight budget. Sometimes they experience even tighter budgets due to the many homeschooling families that are in single-income homes.

Starting a normal school routine again can be one of the toughest things about the homeschool year. This transition back to the full swing of the school year can use some back to school hacks to help homeschoolers make the most out of what they have and to pinch pennies wherever possible.

Use these simple and thrifty back to school hacks to get everyone back into learning mode for a year full of fun and less overwhelm.

Book sales is a great back to homeschool hack to help save money throughout the school year.

Back to school hacks for planning your homeschool year:

Take advantage of back to school sales, BUT DO NOT leave your home for that back-to-school sale without your list. Remember you do not need to purchase the back-to-school list that traditional schools need.

  1. Get to your sale.
  2. Get your necessary supplies.
  3. Get out of there!

Buying resources isn’t your only option.

If you have decided on curriculum, before you purchase it, do an internet search for the name of the curriculum + “coupon” to see what shows up. There may be a discount out there you don’t about.

Ask the company if there are any curriculum discount offers for multi-children, military, or even bundled discounts.

Ask your local library if they offer digital subscriptions to audio-books and eBooks, which you can download to your favorite mobile device.

Find out if your local library makes a yearly book sale.

You will be surprised at how many works of classical literature is free online. This classical literature reading list has almost any title available for free online. Check out this reading list for a start.

It's back to homeschool school time for this family.

Back to school hacks for your homeschool morning time:

Make a self-serve breakfast line a few times a week to encourage independence – and to save you time.

Make it a point to teach your children some kitchen skills. Layout some fruit, cereal, and milk for them to get themselves. Then they have to clean-up and put everything away before starting their homeschool day. No need to cook meals for breakfast every morning.

Display your student’s morning routine visible on the wall.

Get your kids in the habit of checking their morning routine first thing. Kids really can forget things, so give them a visual to help boost their memory. Then they can kick start the day without forgetting to brush their teeth, make their bed, etc.

If you make your kids get fully dressed for homeschool, make it easy, and have them place their clothes and shoes in the same place every night.

Why can’t kids find their shoes in the morning? I have no idea. I do know that making sure their shoes are in a specific place before they sleep at night will help them in the morning.

Note: If you have little ones, have them write their first name on the inside of their LEFT shoe and then the last name on the inside of their RIGHT shoe. They can then easily see when holding up the shoes with their name on the left and the last name on the right as it is customarily read, which shoe goes on what foot.

Pre-made snacks is a back to homeschool hack for long term success.

Back to school hacks to help you in the everyday:

If your family loves music, expose them to some classical music or smooth light music to transition from one subject or lesson to the next.

When kids know music means transition time, they are trained to automatically prepare for that change making the homeschool day a lot smoother. Calming music also provides a calm atmosphere during reading time or independent study time.

Pre-make daily snacks.

There very well can be days when your kids don’t eat snacks; however, having snacks ready can save you time during the day. It never fails with some kids, getting hungry right in the middle of a math lesson. Be prepared and let it save you time and frustration.

Practice rules and routines for a solid week.

Much of homeschooling is creating a method that works for your family. Getting your kids accustomed to the routine can take some time. Practice your daily routines and go over any rules you may have the whole first week — and even display some on the wall that first week. This makes for a smoother day when kids understand how the normal school day should go.

Ketchup bottles make great storage for paint, so save your ketchup bottles.

The ketchup containers help kids store more paint without making a huge mess at home. Fewer messes make for happy moms.

Make your child’s daily schedule their computer lock-screen or default background screen.

If you only have one computer set up their own “simple” logins and have their default lock screen/background screen be a picture of their weekly, monthly, or even daily schedule. This back to school hack will help your kids keep on track throughout the day in the new homeschool year.

Starting your new homeschool year can be exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. Keep things simple, start slow and try your best to use resources you already have available.

These back to school hacks for your homeschool may be just what you need to make those otherwise chaotic days a little more doable.

Please feel free to share any back to school homeschool hacks in the comments section below. We all could use some new and fresh ideas to use for the homeschool year.

If you are looking for an affordable homeschooling online choice, Luma Learn can help. No hack needed!

It's back to school time for homeschool families. These back to school hacks for homeschoolers will help you make sure your school year gets off to a success from the very beginning. #backtoschool #homeschool #lumalearn #onlineeducation

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