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Thanksgiving, Our Christian Heritage

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving History and Geography Thanksgiving time has rolled around again!  I am quite excited because the first thing that crosses my mind, like usual, is the food!  But amidst the wonderful conversations, family fun, –and food — that thanksgiving brings,  sometimes we forget the foundational beginnings of the special holiday.  We all know that the Pilgrims started the Thanksgiving tradition, but sometimes we forget the real story.  When I do take the time to study, though, I have found that Thanksgiving history and the story of the Pilgrims contains valuable life lesson and keeps my thanksgiving perspective straight.     The Cry for Religious Freedom During the age of the Reformation, there were many different camps of reformers.  All had the common desire to detach themselves from the Catholic church, but they struggled to agree on how to go about it. The Anglican church, or the Church of England began only because Henry VIII disagreed with the pope about the integrity of his six different marriages.  Consequently, Henry’s church was quite state oriented, if you will, and exercised complete   control over all Christians in England.  There was a group of English Christians whose disapproval led them to cultivate a desire to separate […]

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