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Truth Revealed: Homeschooling Advantages and Disadvantages

Study teacher ratios are a huge benefit of homeschooling. This mom is reading one on one with her child.

It is possible that homeschooling is a deep mystery to you. It can be easy to think of cultural subsets like those that make up the diverse homeschooling universe as a murky, odd, or even potentially dangerous group of outliers. Have you ever wondered what is really behind those unique faces that “do their school” in their pajamas? Is it worth the oddity? Is it really all they crack it up to be? Well, here at last, the truth is revealed. Here, straight from the homeschooler’s mouth, are the real homeschooling advantages and disadvantages. Homeschooling Disadvantages Financial Responsibility As you think about homeschooling advantages and disadvantages, you first need to think about all the “extras” homeschooling requires of the parents.  It takes extra money. You’ll still pay school taxes and have to purchase the educational materials yourself. It requires extra effort. You have to decide on just about everything yourself – will you teach algebra one or will you find a tutor, or will you not even enter a diploma program in which algebra one is required? You’ll spend a lot of extra time with your children – no school day hours where the house is empty. Homeschooling also requires […]

5 Popular Reasons to Homeschool

If you are considering homeschooling your children, you might be concerned about a few things including academic success and socialization to name a few. These 5 popular reasons to homeschool will address your concerns and much more. Luma Learn is here to support students and at every step along their educational journey. Whether you are homeschooling or seeking additional education for a private or public school student, we have a wide selection of courses to meet all of your academic needs. 1.       Concern for Academic success Statistics show, over and over, that the students with the highest scores on standardized tests are homeschoolers. Homeschooling allows for individualized attention from teachers, in schedules, and in areas of focus. Much like a personal health coach, the personalization of homeschooling gives you the ability to thrive by meeting individual educational needs with individualized methods. 2.       Good homeschooling experience By now, a lot of homeschoolers are the second generation. While many of us are homeschooling differently than our parents, we are carrying over principles that were blessings to us as children. You can usually judge a movement by its second generation, and homeschooling certainly passes that test. 3.       Concern for the physical, spiritual, and academic quality of other educational options […]

How to Take High School Classes Over the Summer

How to Take High School Classes Over the Summer

Many educational supervisors know high school-level classes are available online over the summer. However, most are unsure of how to take advantage of the opportunity. Many have thought about doing it, but we’ve never thought about how to. It’s an important question, so it should be asked: how to take high school classes over the summer? The how in “how to take high school classes over the summer” is very important. There is a right way and a wrong way to do it. Doing it wrong can not only squander the opportunity for educational fortification and development over the vacation months but can even make things more difficult during the regular school year. When done correctly, however, online summer classes can be the key to allowing your child or student’s learning journey to flourish. Step 1: Know Your Student This is the crucial step in finding out how to take high school classes over the summer, and yet it is the easiest to skip. The fact of the matter is that online summer classes will not be successful if they are forced. For some students, it is absolutely critical that the summer vacation stays a vacation. Especially if your high […]

3 Benefits to Online English Courses

Online english courses make high school easy for homeschool students

Online English courses are an outstanding option to improve written English language skills. In fact, learning English online offers three distinct advantages over more mainstream educational opportunities.  First, online English classes give you an opportunity to narrow your focus on a specific area of study. The study of a language encompasses a pretty broad spectrum of subjects, and it can be difficult to determine, let alone locate, the sort of English learning you need. Are you looking for grammar, literature, or composition? Are you looking to learn essay writing, research writing, or commercial writing? Are you looking for education on spoken English, or will you need to learn how to diagram a sentence? Sometimes, “English” courses in a more mainstream educational setting try to cover so much, that they don’t really teach you anything. Here’s where online English courses, like those offered on Luma Learn, can help you.  Luma Learn online English courses are very specific. There is one class for public speaking specifically and a separate class for high school literature and composition – and one for research writing and one on writing for publication! Sometimes general education courses can be a little lacking in focus to enable your […]

Online History Classes Bring History Alive

Online History Classes Bring History Alive

I love history! Perhaps more than any other subject, history truly is alive. I can hear a bunch of you out there scoffing. To many of us, history is one of the most boring subjects we will ever take. We are all familiar with the pointless drudgery of the infamous “names and dates.” But that’s just my point, no one is bored by history, but lots of people are bored by history class. That is where online history classes can come in to bring it all back to life! That is actually one reason why any history class should be alive: because history – real history – has already lived. That is what a good history teacher does – bring history back to life. History is a compilation of true events: things that actually happened, lives that were really lived, choices that had to be made, battles that somebody fought, and miracles God actually brought about. History is a true story. There is nothing better. Online History Courses Bring History to Life I love the idea of pursuing online history classes specifically because they can bring history alive in a way that may not be available even through the best […]

Online Science Courses Offer Educational Flexibility


Online science courses are a great place to go to find the flexibility you need to maximize your child’s educational opportunities. If you’ve ever listened to a homeschooler explain why they decided to make such a “weird” choice in education, you’ve no doubt heard a pitch about the flexibility homeschool offers. Your friend wasn’t lying: homeschooling does indeed offer flexibility far beyond anything conventional schooling can offer. As a parent, you are uniquely positioned to know your child’s specific educational needs and strengths, not to mention personality traits and social and emotional history. Even if you are not personally playing the part of educator – as many homeschool parents do – you are supervising and personalizing your child’s educational path with nothing but the needs of your child and family in mind. Because you do not have to consider an entire class (or directives from an educational board, curriculum, or government), you can create a plan that is best for that child specifically. This powerful advantage is made obvious in science class. Even the flexibility of scheduling, as simple as it sounds, creates a distinct advantage. Think of your own history in conventional schooling, or the stories you hear from […]

Keep Learning Fun with These Homeschool Christmas Activities

Christmas cookies

Can you see a little plastic horse pulling a toothpick sleigh over cotton ball snowy hills, backed by a snowy scene of painted flakes and trees and stars? Doesn’t that just say Jingle Bells to you? What about a little plastic solider staring up into the sky at a Christmas star on one side of the box, and a dollhouse wife looking out of the dollhouse kitchen window at the other. Couldn’t that be I’ll Be Home for Christmas? Nativity scene pieces have applications for all sorts of Christmas songs. Of all the ideas in this post, this one is my favorite. Is it The Holly or The Ivy? – A Homeschool Christmas Activity Sticking with our carol-themed homeschool Christmas activities, why not try Christmas carol Pictionary? This would make a fun art class for sure. I can easily see your family cracking up over a reindeer that someone mistook for Santa, can’t you? Picture it: “A TURKEY on a ROOFTOP?????? What does that have to do with Christmas?!?! It’s a PARTRIDGE IN A PAIR TREE.!!!!!!!” Basically the only thing that can go wrong here is if you are a dead beat and refuse to laugh with your kids. But […]

5 Alternatives to Traditional Homeschool Christmas Lessons

child-play-luma-learn homeschool Christmas lessons

I cannot wait until after Thanksgiving to pick my gifts for the people on my list. To do it right takes time, so I get started early. The same can be said for homeschooling. You need to prepare in advance. Therefore, this is your official authorization to begin planning for your homeschool Christmas lessons now, before Thanksgiving ends. In that, however, you have a problem. The closer it gets to Christmas, the less everyone wants to do school (except if you find some really cool short courses like this 3 week, LIVE English course on Dickens’ A Christmas Carol for 6th-8th graders). Well, you are the boss of your child’s education, remember? So rather than becoming a course-schedule Nazi, liven up the season – and possibly your child’s enthusiasm for learning – with some unique and fun homeschool Christmas lessons! 1. Study the Obscure Christmas Passages Your kids are probably anticipating Luke 2 and the story of the wisemen. Switch things up on them a little with some passages that have a lot to say about Christmas but may not occur to them as “Christmas passages.” Try Hebrews 2, or think about John 1:1-14: In the beginning was the Word, […]

Bible Lessons for Kids: Gripping Children with the Great Stories of God

bible lessons for kids through an online course

It is beyond doubt that more is caught than taught when it comes to raising Godly kids. This is a fact Christian homeschooling parents take seriously. For many of us, the choice to homeschool has deep roots in the desire to be the primary example in the lives of our children. That’s why we spend so much time around them. The best way to help your kids come to know God and the Bible is to live a “God and the Bible” kind of life – and to do so with your kids.    The thing is, living a Godly life includes a lot of intentional teaching. Jesus’ first command to His newly established church included the instruction to teach (Matthew 28:19). He tells fathers to bring up their children in the “nurture and admonition of the Lord” (Ephesians 6:4). Timothy knew the Scriptures from a child because he had been taught (2 Timothy 3:15). The question then, becomes “how.” It is not easy to teach children the Bible in a way that will make a difference. In my 21 years of experience in children’s ministry, there are two obstacles that cause well-meaning Christian teachers of all stripes to stumble. […]

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