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Ultimate Fun Back To Homeschool Ideas

Kids headed back to school with their teacher

For most kids, the words fun and school do NOT go together. That is understandable. No matter what happens during the school year, thinking about school after summer may bring back memories of tests, studying, frustration, boredom, and more unpleasantry. We can help our children put some fun memories into their schooling, with these ultimate fun back to homeschool ideas. Every year homeschool parents start anew to make back to school memorable – and motivating for kids. Even if your family does year-round homeschooling, making special events to celebrate another year is worth every effort. These ultimate fun back to homeschool ideas will give you an excellent start to making back to your homeschool fun. Over the years you can develop some ideas of your own – don’t forget to share them with others or us! Some homeschool families make the mistake of letting back to homeschool fall into a humdrum and monotonous routine. Back to homeschool fun isn’t only for the public school kids. We can make this time of year fun and engaging – even more so. Making back to homeschool important is the key to catapulting the year into a whirlwind that you are all enthused about. […]

The Pros and Cons of a Very Involved Homeschool Dads

Dad and son reading a book at home

It appears that for many years, the mom has been considered the primary teacher of the homeschool family. Many homeschool families are very traditional, meaning that Dad is at work while Mom stays at home to take care of the kids. Even though this general family structure continues to prevail among many homeschool families, that does not mean that dads are not involved in the process. Many homeschool dads are very involved in homeschooling their children. Is this a good thing?  Let’s consider the pros and cons of very involved homeschool dads. Cons of a Very Involved Homeschool Spouse Different Opinions First, a look at some of the potential negatives of homeschool dads becoming intimately involved in the teaching process. One potential problem is the simple mathematics of two humans with two opinions about the same project. It is no secret that people tend to become very convinced about the merits of their own opinion and tend to think less of the opinion of others. While this is not a problem at all unique to homeschooling families, it still applies to them: husbands and wives don’t always see eye to eye on everything. Once two opinions take the place of […]

Resources for Homeschool Parents: Keys to Successful Homeschooling

It's back to homeschool school time for this family.

Beginning a homeschool journey can make you feel somewhat lost. Even as a seasoned homeschool parent, planning for the next school year can have you stumped on where to begin. You either don’t know where to find the best resources, you can’t find the resources you need, or you find so many resources that all can seem quite overwhelming. Finding the right resources for homeschool parents can most often be the key to successful homeschooling. Although there is a slew of resources for homeschool parents out there, there are a few staples that you don’t want to do without. They are a go-to for when you need quick resources; they are an if-all-else-fails reliable resource; they are filler resources or resources you can use consistently to round out your homeschool curriculum. We could look all around us at the resources available in our community and to the internet to provide the keys to successful homeschooling to fit our families perfectly. The internet has made available amazing high-quality resources at your fingertips — either completely free or at a low cost. Note: Even if you don’t homeschool just yet, or you know a family in need of extra resources to supplement […]

Grow Your Musical Education with Online Music Courses

Young musicians in music education class

Online music courses are a lifesaver for many homeschoolers. Today, it is even possible to study music via the internet. Before they could be completed affordably online music courses were difficult for many to incorporate into their home education. Classes could be expensive and it might be difficult to find local musicians offering lessons. Luckily, finding online music courses is not a struggle anymore. If you’re like most, you want to give your students the best education possible. Unfortunately, life often gets in the way. Sometimes there just isn’t enough time in a day to juggle yet another activity. Also, the cost is a big factor, especially if you have multiple learners to attend to. Did you know your student can take music courses online? Today, the options are limitless for music instruction. The best part is, your student can take affordable music courses online from anywhere — even at home! Find numerous options for music courses online at Luma Learn. Here are some ways you can benefit from these course offerings. Discover a New World with Music Education An advantage of homeschooling is the extra ability you have to introduce your children to wonderful new things such as music education. One of […]

3 Benefits of Online Language Courses to Improve Fluency

3 Benefits of Online Language Courses to Improve Fluency luma learn blog

One of the biggest benefits of learning in today’s age is the wealth of language courses offered online. In the past, language courses were a struggle outside the conventional classroom. Unfortunately, accessibility has always been a big hurdle to overcome. Where do you find a fluent speaker who’s willing to teach a language, anyway? Now, Luma Learn offers a wide array of options for online language courses. Learning a language is now easier than ever with help from the best teachers. Incorporating multimedia instruction with language immersion, online language courses offer a complete package for learning. Online learning is fun, too. Whether you want to study your first language or learn a new one, Luma Learn has many affordable options suited to any home. If you’re new to online learning, there’s no need to worry. Our unique course options are diverse, allowing your student to pursue their own interests and get the help that is in tune with their individual learning style. Did you know you can even learn American Sign Language online with Luma Learn? This is one of the many options offered. Also, find foreign language for everyday use and Spanish the whole family can learn together. The sky is the limit! You can […]

Benefits of Online Courses for High School Students

online courses for high school student

The face of education is changing as more and more families choose online course options for their child’s education. The popularity of online courses for high school students in particular is growing at a rapid pace. A recent report states that 84% of all students enrolled in online courses are grades 9-12. The landscape of online education is without a doubt changing. Our job as parents is to explore all options so that our children can receive the best education possible. Knowing the benefits of online courses for high school students could help your child succeed. 7 Benefits of Online Courses for High School Students Self-Paced Courses Online high school courses allow students to work on their coursework at their individual pace. Some students learn faster or slower than average or have a particular affinity for a subject which makes self paced courses an excellent option for these students. When a high school student takes an online course they are no longer required to keep pace with their public school classmates. High school students may find a new love for learning when they can learn at their own pace.  Here at Luma Learn we have a wide selection of self-paced […]

How to Use Luma Learn as an Online High School

online high school student

The high school years can be an overwhelming time in a student’s life. There are countless options in life set before them, but time is of the essence and decisions need to be made to determine which path in life they will choose. For many students facing the high school years, there is a need for flexibility so they can continue to pursue their passions whether it is travel, sports, music, or in an academic subject. Online high school is becoming a popular option among high school age students and their families because it is the perfect blend of academics as well as educational flexibility.  If you are considering enrolling your student in an online high school but are unsure if its the right choice to make, here is an overview of just a few of the many benefits that online high schools provide. Schedule Flexibility One problem with traditional high school is that it forces students into a schedule that may not work best for them. While some teenagers may be fine waking up early and being done by mid-afternoon, others may not be able to focus so early in the morning. Online high school allows students to create […]

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