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5 Popular Reasons to Homeschool

If you are considering homeschooling your children, you might be concerned about a few things including academic success and socialization to name a few. These 5 popular reasons to homeschool will address your concerns and much more.

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1.       Concern for Academic success

Statistics show, over and over, that the students with the highest scores on standardized tests are homeschoolers. Homeschooling allows for individualized attention from teachers, in schedules, and in areas of focus. Much like a personal health coach, the personalization of homeschooling gives you the ability to thrive by meeting individual educational needs with individualized methods.

Multi-generational homeschool family. Reasons why we homeschool

2.       Good homeschooling experience

By now, a lot of homeschoolers are the second generation. While many of us are homeschooling differently than our parents, we are carrying over principles that were blessings to us as children. You can usually judge a movement by its second generation, and homeschooling certainly passes that test.

3.       Concern for the physical, spiritual, and academic quality of other educational options

Many homeschool parents harbor serious concerns regarding public and even private schools. American public-school students are consistently shamed in standardized tests by international students whose education was far less expensive.

Many homeschool parents are concerned by the political motivation of public curriculum, high levels of bullying and violence, and moral degeneration that seems to propagate on public school campuses.

Christian principles and practices are directly opposed and even aggressively banished. Even in Christian schools, many homeschool parents find peer-pressure from fellow students a serious negative.

Avoiding standardized tests is one reason why we homeschool

4.       High value on independent thought

                Independence and individuality may be the most universal characteristic of the remarkably diverse group that is “homeschoolers.” It is, however, difficult to achieve either in a setting where everyone must learn from the same curriculum from the same teachers at the same pace as people who are only your own age.

The social structure of “traditional” schooling seems to promote uniformity and the organizational structure conformity. Many homeschool parents are uncomfortable with a system that generates a blanket “rule” for what constitutes learning, strictly age and peer-bound social interaction, and disciplinary action for questioning a teacher.

5.       Desire to be the primary influence in the lives of our children

For many of us, almost all of us who claim religious motivation for our choice to homeschool, this is reason number one. Simply put, we want to spend more time around our children than anyone else. We do this so that we, as their parents, can know and influence our kids better than anyone else. We see it as our job, quite frequently from God Himself, and this is the best way we know of to take it seriously.

What are the reasons why you homeschool? We’d love to hear from you and open a discussion on the various reasons why families choose to homeschool.

Mother and daughter discussing the top 5 reasons why they homeschool. Homeschooling and using online courses has numerous benefits for children of all ages and their families. #onlineeducation #christianeducation #lumalearn

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