3 Ways to Keep a Flexible Christmas Homeschool Schedule


All of the sudden November is here and you realize the holidays have just crashed your daily homeschool party. Your kids haven’t opened their school books this week, and you’re overwhelmed at the thought of catching them up on their learning as each day goes by. The Christmas season has a way of weighing you down with enough guilt to sink a ship, doesn’t it? All you want to do is keep your head above water, the kids alive, and juggle the holiday shopping, baking, and event planning. Somewhere in the midst of this chaos…SCHOOL! We still have lessons to complete in the midst of our Christmas homeschool schedule.

Did you know the Christmas season offers the best hands-on learning opportunities and character-building moments?  You should never have to feel guilty for skipping the school books during the holidays. Here are 3 ways you can use your crazy daily schedule to create a flexible schedule for the kids that keeps them learning, productive and growing in character during this time of year.


Shopping Lessons: Flexible Christmas Homeschool Schedule

No matter how much you want to avoid the over commercialized aspect of Christmas, you find yourself there anyway. Whether you are shopping online or heading out for a Black Friday shopping adventure, make your kids a part of this process.

Critical Thinking: Create a white board of everyone you need to shop for this season with a budget your children will work with.

Planning: Have your kids make a special phone call to each of the family members or friends listed to find out things they like, want, or maybe need to make the shopping process easier. Not only will this take a load off of your shoulders, but your kids will have so much fun shopping for friends and family.

Comparison Shopping: Would you rather shop online? Have your kids look for the items you need online and help you find the best deals. Shopping local ads can be a great way to find great deals as well.

Character Building: It is so fun to see your kids come to life when the focus is off of them and what they want for Christmas, and instead they take the time to think of others’ needs and wants.


Baking Lessons: Flexible Christmas Homeschool Schedule

Get in the kitchen together! You are about to spend more time in the kitchen over the next two months than you will the rest of the year.

Math: There is just no better math lesson than the assignment you will find on the back of a box or a recipe card. Double or triple it to replace your math lesson on fractions! Equally divide the goodies onto plates for all of your friends and family.

Geography lesson! Have your kids map the best route on delivery day.

Art: Have your kids create DIY Christmas cards for everyone on your goodie list. This will give them time to be creative and will give them a special way to show each person they shopped for how much they care about them.


Devotions: Flexible Christmas Homeschool Schedule

While it will certainly be ok to put your school books on the shelf while you navigate the holiday, be sure the one book you keep open is the Bible! Don’t let the hustle of the holidays distract you from the reason for the season. Even during the craziest moments in life, you can use the holidays to teach your children the spiritual discipline of rest and quiet time.

Reading: Aside from just reading the Christmas story from Luke and Matthew, try to find other Christmas books to read.

Praying: Take a few minutes each day to pray together. Encourage your kids to pray for others as well. Have them keep a journal of those they are praying for and how they are praying for them. This is a simple way to keep prayers going up during a busy time.

Scripture Writing: Keep your kids active in God’s Word with scripture writing devotionals or writing plans that are so easy to find. A quick google search will lead you to hundreds of FREE resources that will take your kids on a journey through the Christmas story with devotionals or writing plans that are simple and effective.

In just a few minutes a day, you will keep your kids reading and writing through the holiday season.

Share Your Ideas

I hope you have discovered a few ways you can take advantage of each moment this season to create a flexible homeschool schedule your kids will love! Your willingness to step out of the comfortable homeschool routine may just bring the best life skills and teachable moments to your children.

We would love to hear your ideas! What are some of your favorite ways to learn during a busy time of year?

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