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3 Tips for Homeschool Holiday Lesson Planning


Holiday lesson planning can seem daunting, especially at this busy time of year. Suddenly the holidays are upon us, and the thought of keeping up with schoolwork is overwhelming. Sometimes it seems impossible to catch up with everything that you feel you need to…and you need help.

Of course, the fall months are a wonderful time for family gatherings and good food, but they often get hectic when you’re juggling schoolwork too. Planning for the holidays is enough work on its own. You may travel to visit relatives, or you might even host Thanksgiving at your home. How does one balance all of this with the full-time job of being a homeschool parent?

As a homeschooler, your duties go beyond just being a parent — you’re also your child’s teacher. As important as holidays are, no one wants to neglect the educational aspect of their homeschool. Luckily, with planning, it is possible to keep up with schoolwork during the holidays, and even use the holiday festivities for learning opportunities.


Homeschool Holiday Lesson Planning: Work together

Thanksgiving and Christmas are times for gathering. It is tempting to take “snow days” and skip school to relax and enjoy family get-togethers. Thankfully, you don’t need to forgo education around the holidays. Group work is a great way to spend time together while you learn. There are tons of fun and valuable activities that you and your children can complete together.

Collaborating on art projects is a fun hands-on way to sharpen your skills. Study fine arts by trying new techniques used by notable artists. Work together with your kids to create a Christmas mural or festive sculptures. The sky is the limit when it comes to art classes, and with the help of an expert, it is even easier.

Read alouds are great for all ages and create a fun tradition for the whole family. Discovering a beloved Christmas novel for December is a memorable way to get a classic under your belt while staying in the holiday spirit. Be sure to incorporate writing activities to encourage your kids to share their thoughts on their reading. You’ll be surprised at how much you can gain in one month from exploring a single book!

Mother with children baking and tasting cookie batter in kitchen

Homeschool Holiday Lessons Planning: Get creative!

Everyone loves a yummy treat, so help hone your students’ cooking skills during the holidays. Try out new recipes and bake Thanksgiving goodies, or even pass along a family recipe for Christmas. Research recipes or collect family traditions and allow your children to take the reins for a delicious holiday snack.

You can also help your children take up a skill like crocheting to create handmade garments that will be cherished for years. Not only is it fun, but it’s also satisfying to get to wear the product of hard work. Crocheted items make excellent and thoughtful gifts that are perfect for Christmas. Not to mention, handmade items are impressive!

Another recommendation is studying music. This is an endlessly rewarding task that develops skills for a lifetime. Encouraging your children to practice music is a great way to instill an appreciation for hard work — and it pays off. It will bring your child joy to be able to perform a favorite Christmas song for the whole family. It is always a special experience for family members as well to hear a child perform.


Homeschool Holiday Lesson Planning Keep Things Fun

No matter how big or small, family is one of the foundational parts of a homeschool. So relax — you can enjoy the holidays while still staying on top of the school workload. With some creativity and a bit of planning, you can pull off the balancing act of being both an awesome parent and a great teacher for your child. Just be sure to keep things fun!

If you manage to travel, use these opportunities for learning in new and exciting places. Even if you stay home, you can still explore new things. Tell Christmas stories, learn a new language together, or even take a virtual trip to Disney. With the advantages of the internet, any subject is accessible, simple, and enjoyable.

How do you homeschool during the holidays?

We all run our households differently, and everyone works at their own pace. Versatility is one of the great things about homeschooling. Being adaptable is always useful when schedules get busy. Life throws many things at you, but with resilience, you can use this busy time of year to have fun while you homeschool.

Children can learn a lot over the holidays, and this time can also be a learning experience for parents, too. What are your tips for holiday lesson planning?

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